Judge denies new trial request for former Norfolk Treasurer

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Anthony Burfoot

NORFOLK, Va. –  A judge denied a request for a new trial for Anthony Burfoot Wednesday.

News 3 was in court when the judge denied the new trial.

Councilman Paul Riddick took the stand to testify Wednesday before the judge’s decision was made.

Anthony Burfoot’s defense attorney Andrew Sacks argued there was newly discovered evidence.

They brought Councilman Riddick to the stand to question him about his relationship with Dwight Etheridge – a key witness for the prosecution.

The Councilman said he gave Etheridge a job and 100 dollars after he got out of prison.

Sacks argued there was a connection between the witnesses that the jury should have been aware of, but the judge disagreed. The defense also discussed the mental state of Ronnie Boone – another key government witness.

Boone testified that he conspired with Burfoot over the course of several years while Burfoot was on City Council.

Boone avoided jail time and is currently serving one year of home confinement by having his doctors testify to his health issues during his sentencing.

Sacks argued his possible mental health issues could have unfairly impacted his testimony in the Burfoot case.
The judge firmly disagreed with Sacks’ arguments. Burfoot is serving a 6 year prison term for political corruption and perjury.

In December, a jury found Burfoot guilty of six of the eight charges he was facing for public corruption and perjury. He was facing 4 perjury charges but only found guilty of two of those charges.

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