CTB members unanimously vote in support of temporarily lowering tolls

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All 17 Commonwealth Transportation Board members voted in support of Governor Terry McAuliffe's plan to temporarily lower the tolls at the Downtown and Midtown tunnels during the new Midtown Tunnel's construction.

The plan will use leftover money from past projects, and will not affect any future road projects already planned.

Elizabeth River Crossings says they are prepared to accept any toll rate change, as long as it doesn’t change the terms of their contract.

Here's a breakdown of what the tolling will be:

Starting Feb 1 2014:
Off-peak hours - $.75 cents
Peak hours - $1.00

Starting Jan 1 2015:
Off-peak hours - $1.00
Peak hours - $1.25

Starting Jan 1 2016:
Off-peak hours - $1.25
Peak hours - $1.50

2017 - Tolls will revert back to original amounts in the ERT plan.
Off-peak hours - $1.59
Peak hours - $1.84

Officials consider peak times 5:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. That accounts for eight hours of your day.

Trucks will get a break as well. They will be tolled at three times the two axle rate in off-peak hours and four times the axle rate during peak hours.

It will cost more than 82.5 million dollars to buy down the rates over the next three years. Secretary of Transportation, Aubrey Layne, says they will use $57.2 million dollars of left over transportation funds and $25.3 million dollars in extra bond revenue.

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  • momof2

    I think this is insane! Yes, I’m glad we are getting a break (for now) but you can’t tell me that this is right! Build new roads and if we choose to drive them, we can pay a toll for them. Adding tolls to existing roads without a feasable “free” option is just not right. I’ve already had to trade in my car, taking a huge hit on negative equity, to try and offset the costs of these tolls.

    If you do the numbers on these tolls (at the original rate) within 5 years you’d have to pay approximately $196.00 a month to commute through the tunnels. And that increases at a rate of 3.5% every single year for 58 YEARS!! INSANE! Why is nobody bringing up the big picture? I read that the first year (at the original rate) would cost commuters approximately $1,000 a year and by the 58th year it will cost commuters approximately $10,000 a year! REALLY? To commute to work? With rates like this, people who work paycheck to paycheck, will have to make major adustments just to be able to afford to go to work.

    Don’t forget, they increased the sales tax across Virginia back in July 2013. Hampton Roads and Northern Virginia sales tax is even higher than the rest of the state with the purpose of putting the additional money into transportation/roads. So, if we are paying more taxes, why do we also have to pay an outrageous toll on top of it, just to get to work?

    I’ve heard people say that people should move to the same side of the water that they work in…that isn’t feasible in this economy. Some people are just lucky to have the job they have so they can’t necessarily just up and find new jobs on the side of the water they live in. Trust me, I have no desire to fight tunnel traffic everyday but I do it so I can feed my children and pay my bills.

  • momof2

    One last thought…Why are the peak hours different than the HOV hours? I think anything more than 6am-8am or 4pm-6pm is just sticking it to the commuters. The people who actually do pay taxes and work for a living!

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