UPDATE: School bus driver on leave after deadly accident

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The Virginia Beach school bus driver involved in a deadly crash is on leave pending an investigation.

Beach police tell NewsChannel 3 they are still interviewing witnesses, and plan to present evidence to the Commonwealth's Attorney Officer for their review.  Prosecutors could decide what, if any charges, will be filed in the case.

Police have now identified the man who died in a fatal crash with a Virginia Beach School bus Tuesday morning.

He has been identified as Christian Raul Montes, 27, of the 3500 block of Campion Avenue. A family friend tells NewsChannel 3 he was in the Navy and he was married with two children. He believes Montes was on the way to work when the accident occurred.

Investigators say they've determined that the bus was going northbound on Holland Road approaching the intersection of South Independence Blvd.

The Escort, which was disabled at the time, was stopped in the northbound lane of Holland Road.

Police say the driver of the Escort was standing outside of the car at the time when the school bus hit the back of the vehicle and the victim.  He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The bus was heading to Bayside Health and Science Academy; a specialized program for students who are interested in the medical field, according to Jennifer McCarrel of Virginia Beach City Public Schools.

The bus driver was not injured.

Thirty-five students were on the bus at the time of the accident. The students were between the ages of 15 and 17 years old.

Eleven of the students were transported to the hospital; the remaining 24 students went to Bayside High School, where they were greeted by counselors, McCarrel said.

Nine of the 35 students on the bus attended school on Tuesday; the rest went home, officials say.

Students were reunited with their parents at Bayside High School.

Dale Gauding, Sentara Communications Advisor, says seven students were transported to Sentara Princess Anne Hospital; four were transported to Sentara Independence free-standing ER; and all students were treated and released.

The four students at Sentara Independence walked into the ER under their own power, after riding together in one ambulance. The seven students taken to Sentara Princess Anne were all treated in the ‘Minor Care’ area of the emergency department. Most complaints involved headaches. One student complained of neck pain.

Officials say speed was not a contributing factor in the case. Investigators say they are currently interviewing witnesses. This incident will be formally screened with the Office of the Commonwealth Attorney once the preliminary investigations are complete.

The bus driver is currently on administrative leave.

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  • Andy

    This is very sad, but do you really need to play it over and over again?? Can’t watch your channel at all with kids at home since one rides a bus to a.m. Kindergarten and at the age of 5 may be scared to keep riding after seeing this. Come on media use your heads. This does not need to be broadcasted every commercial break. It is going to make students, especially young ones afraid to ride the bus.I feel terrible that someone was killed, but the students on the bus are most likely very shaken and again don’t need to be seeing this over And over again.

  • not andy

    Yes, Andy everyone has the exact same schedule as you. How dare the media keep informing the public about a MAJOR road closure. You are right this has everything to do with scaring little kids and not one thing to do with letting people who start their days different from you know what is going on. It is not like new people don’t turn the channel on every minute and need to be informed before the head that way.Maybe it would help if they people who run their mouths would think of others before they speak.

  • not andy either

    Have you stopped to think that just maybe you shouldn’t have the news on with a 5 year old in the room? I have 3 children all over the age of 5 who have NEVER to this day seen a news program. Why? Because they don’t need to know about news such as this. Turn the TV off when your child is in the room…or watch it when he goes to school.

  • Andy

    Actually my two children have also never seen a news cast. If you read that correctly I said on during commercials. I had the tv on watching The Price is Right while folding laundry and turned it off after the 3rd commercial break since they aired it during all of them.

  • Alli

    I was on that bus not even one day ago. I was transferred to Green Run after staying at the Academy of Health Sciences for most of the first half of the first quarter of the year. Praying for the students and family of the victim.

  • Sky

    Who cares about the students they weren’t hurt. HOW ABOUT MY BROTHER WHO WAS KILLED? How about his family? His kids how about them? I hope the bus driver gets charged with man slaughter.

    • Debbie

      Sky I completely agree with you. I hope the bus driver is charged. There is no way. The driver didnt see the car or you brother.. Sorry for you and your family’s loss prayers sent to you and your family.

    • Norma Sears

      Sky, I’m so sorry for your loss. He seemed to be a good man just trying to make a living for his family. In a second, things can change forever. Its sad for everyone. I’m sure the bus driver didn’t think this was going to happen either and certainly didn’t mean for it to happen but that doesn’t bring your brother back. Its a very sad situation. I’m praying for your brother, and all of your family.

  • lindsey

    It is just stunning to me, that the main focus seems to be on the students and not on the man who was killed. Sad day when a man serving his country was killed at home in this accident and a family has lost their loved one, and the story is mainly about students who were barely injured if at all.

  • Amarie

    Its sad that they keep talking about the students on the bus. None of them were hurt. I can only feel for the people that lost their son and for this guys family..luckily none of the kids on the bus got hurt but this is still a tragic accident. What i wanna know is why they havent interviewed the bus driver…how come he hasnt made any statements or told his side of the story of what happened…they havent mentioned anything about the bus driver but from what i see, even tho speed wasnt a factor cause of the crash, i think the bus driver wasnt paying attention when he was driving. He might have got distracted or was looking at his phone when he was driving which caused him to hit the car and hit the man in the road cuz if youre going the speed limit and you see cars slowing down or going around a car you would know, no matter if it was light or dark.

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