Former Virginia congressional candidate Shaun Brown wants to run for Congress while in prison

NORFOLK, Va. - Former Virginia congressional candidate Shaun Brown says she maintains her innocence and will run again – this time for the 3rd Congressional District.

Shaun Brown

But, when Judge Henry Morgan sentenced Brown to three years in prison, he ordered that Brown can not vote, she cannot sit on a jury and she cannot hold a public office.

“I do understand that the judge indicated that I cannot run for office. My attorneys have looked and assured me that even as a felon, you can run for federal office," says Brown.

All of this comes after Brown was convicted of stealing from a program meant to feed needy children.

The conviction has to do with Brown’s work with a nonprofit organization. Prosecutors say while leading the nonprofit organization, Brown stole from a summer food service program and inflated the number of meals she served and overcharged the program.

Brown denies all claims and says she will continue to try and appeal.

“A notice of an appeal has been filed. The next step is to have an appeal team come together. We also have a civil rights law firm that is coming together, so it’s a great team," says Brown.

Brown remains hopeful. She brought her Bible with her before heading into the federal court building. Again, the court has ordered her three years in prison.

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