Hampton Police increase patrols after fourth homicide of the year

HAMPTON, Va. - In a three-week period, four people have died in Hampton.

It's an upsetting trend that has caused Hampton Police to take immediate action by releasing this statement:

"The Hampton Police Division is taking immediate steps to address the increase in violent crime over the holiday weekend and prior week. With the safety of citizens as our highest priority, we are immediately increasing the number of officers working the streets.

"Here’s what we’re doing right now: We will increase the number of officers on patrol through overtime and other measures. Investigators are pursuing every lead to solve these violent crime cases.

"Our investigators have already made progress on the homicides that have occurred earlier this month, with an arrest and charges that are pending in court.

"While it is important to proactively address crime, we want you to know that crime is trending downward in Hampton overall. Last year, we saw the second lowest violent crime rate since 2003. We are highly committed to seeing these reduction trends continue."

This statement came shortly after they were called to their second homicide of the day on Sunday.

According to News 3's records, a total of 14 people were killed in Hampton. Three of those incidents happened in January.

Neighbors tell News 3 they hope the increased patrols will help prevent the numbers from climbing this year.

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