Town of Nags Head adopts ordinance regulating use of shared power scooter programs

NAGS HEAD, N.C. – Electric scooter start-ups like Bird and Lime are spreading all across the country – but at least for now, they won’t be coming to Nags Head anytime soon.

At a Wednesday meeting, the Board of Commissions for the Town of Nags Head adopted a zoning ordinance text amendment regulating the use of shared power scooter programs in the town.

Mayor Ben Cahoon said that adopting the ordinance doesn’t necessarily shut the door for the future, but that the company’s current business model is to drop the scooters off with no discussion.

Shared power scooter program Bird has come under fire recently for its drop-and-go approach in local areas such as Norfolk, which has been impounding the scooters, and Virginia Beach recently adopted stricter rules for where the power scooters can and cannot be.

Cahoon indicated that the scooters could potentially be welcome if done differently.

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