“Killing Fields” ends with no arrest in Carrie Singer case, but investigators keep hope

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ISLE OF WIGHT, Co., Va. - Discovery Channel's "Killing Fields" ended on Thursday night without an arrest in the Carrie Singer case, but investigators say they have a new promising lead in the case and aren't giving up hope.

This season of the show followed investigators from the Isle of Wight County Sheriff's Office as they tried to solve the 2004 murder of Carrie Singer.

It also dramatically showed them arresting Trabion Tynes and charging him with murder in the 2004 death of his father, Johnnie. Tynes is scheduled to go on trial in August. He's pleaded not guilty.

"Sitting back over the last eight weeks and watching it unfold every week was a very surreal and humbling experience," said Lt. Tommy Potter, the lead investigator in the department.

Potter says a production team followed his department off-and-on from April 2017 until just last week. After each episode, the department would get new tips. "That's exactly what we wanted," he said. "Each one of those tips has been followed up on." News 3 had a first hand behind-the-scenes look at their investigation as it unfolded.

Recently, Potter says investigators have received new "very promising" information in Singer's case, but it will take more time to see exactly where that leads. "As long as the investigators stay optimistic, as long as they see a light somewhere at the end of the tunnel, they'll continue to work the case. They'll continue to give it 100%," he said. "One day we'll pick up the phone. We'll be calling [the media]. We'll be calling Carrie's family and we'll say, 'We finally got the guy that did this.'"

Investigators have met with fans of the show during meet-and-greets each week, and Potter hopes the show will encourage people to visit the area. "We invite people to come and visit and see what Isle of Wight County is all about."

As the investigation continues, Potter says he expects "Killing Fields" to continue to give viewers a glimpse into their investigation.

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