“King of Death” supplier pleads guilty, faces mandatory life sentence

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NORFOLK, Va. – The 53-year-old “King of Death” supplier will face a mandatory minimum sentence of life in prison during his sentencing on April 24, 2018. 

Kenneth Stuart, aka “Bones” pleaded guilty on January 12 for his involvement in the supplying and trafficking of  heroin and fentanyl in Hampton roads, which killed multiple people.

According to court documents, Stuart served as the out-of-state source of supply for a Virginia based heroin and fentanyl drug distribution ring led by Chesapeake ringleader, Erskine Dawson, Jr. aka “June,” “Junior.”  From March to December 2016.

Officials also say that Stuart supplied between three and ten kilograms of heroin and fentanyl. These narcotics were usually concealed in stuffed animals when trafficked by Stuart and others from New Jersey to Virginia.

The heroin and fentanyl was distributed in wax baggies stamped “King of Death,” “Last Call,” “Mad Max,” and “Chef Curry,” among many other product names. Stuart informed his co-conspirators about new labels and his desire to have them promoted, according to officials.

Department of Justice officials say that while Stuart was selling and trafficking these drugs to Hampton Roads in 2016, he was aware of deaths that were caused by his products in Virginia that same year.

Stuart was heard saying to confidants of his, “another one bit the dust,” in regards to a person that died. He also continued to traffic and distribute the drugs after knowing that the products he was dealing caused deaths and other overdoses.

Eight people involved in this trafficking organization and the case that developed against it have been indicted and pleaded guilty. Four of those federal defendants have been sentenced to a combined 70 years in prison.

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