Virginia Beach man accused of stealing from dying friend is sentenced to five months

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Virginia Beach, Va. - The man arrested for threatening a witness in a theft case pleaded guilty in Virginia Beach today and was sentenced to five months.

Erin Robertson, who has been the subject of an ongoing NewsChannel 3 investigation, was handcuffed right in front of NewsChannel 3's cameras in February after prosecutors accused him of threatening to kill his father.

His father is one of the state's witnesses against him in a theft case.

Robertson is accused of taking advantage of a tragedy to steal an expensive camera after his friend, Chris Pardee, was hurt in a car crash.

As Pardee was dying in the hospital, Robertson was recorded on video trying to pawn his friend's camera.

Pardee's mother, Diane, told NewsChannel 3 she'd given Robertson the security code to her house, so he could fetch her a bible while she prayed at her son's hospital bed. And while in the hospital, she found out Robertson was trying to sell the expensive camera and all its accessories. That betrayal, she told us recently, made losing her son even more painful.

"He looked me in the eye and swore how much he cared for Chris, and how much of a good friend he was to Chris and what Chris meant to him, says Diane Pardee.

Prior to his arrest in February, Robertson was set to plead guilty, but backed out.

He pleaded guilty on Tuesday and was sentenced to five months.

The underage driver of the vehicle involved in the crash, who had been drinking, was charged for possessing alcohol, but she won't have a conviction on her record if she stays out of trouble. Police ruled the death an accident, saying Pardee was goofing around and fell out of the car. His mother doesn't buy it. She believes something else happened -- something more sinister -- in part because of Robertson's lies.

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    • B-Nasty

      What a class act you are. Just what this world needs. A coward that makes fun of dead people from the safety of his own home. Seriously, man. Run for president. You’d make an excellent politician.

  • Tim

    you are absolutely correct. Chris Pardee made a very poor choice when he returned home from college last year. If only he had waited for his real friends to come home. Instead, Erin Robertson got to him first. You see, Erin is a 25 year old predator of young adults, and he is always seeking new customers for his drug trade. It appears that Erin had already roped in, Alexa Liebig, the DUI teenager of the car in which this young man was killed, and Nikki Drew. Their pitiful lives will go on, and they will continue to refuse to say how Chris died. BTW, Alexa made the Dean’s List at ODU this week. Isn’t that special?

    Unfortunately, their names will be forever immortalized on the INTERNET. They both need to marry wealthy husbands, because I wouldn’t ever hire either of them.

  • Jack

    I don’t either of you have the right to criticize Alexa or Nikki. Many of Chris’s friends have seen him try to car surf before. It is unfortunate that he passed away from choosing to binge drink and do something stupid. Unfortunately, know one knows what Chris’s alcohol level was and it was way over the legal limit and actually close to .35 or that there was cocaine in his system at the time. Do not judge these kids because you don’t know anything about that night.

  • parent

    Jack, unless you were in the car that night or have seen the police and medical examiners reports your comments are incorrect even though, heartfelt. These reports have deduced Chris was NOT car surfing and his injuries were inconsistent with that theory because he fell into the grass and sidewalk area NOT the street. The reports also indicate his alcohol level was elevated but not 0.35! You loose consciousness and coma result between close to 0.35 and 0.40 per the BAC percentage charts. Chris did not have Cocaine in his system per the medical examiners report…no drugs just alcohol! It is not for me to judge anyone on this Earth and my heart breaks for all involved that night. Chris wasn’t a Saint, just a normal College kid and good person. He tried stupid stunts when he was younger like 90% of early teens however, he had grown to understand risky actions were not part of his present young adult life. So many actual physical evidence inconsistentencies leave more questions than answers regarding that night. Jack, you stated people making comments “don’t know anything about that night”… nor do the rest of us unless we were present. I am responding to your knowledge of stated actual remarks. I DO KNOW these facts for certain because, I HAVE SEEN the actual reports .. and I am CHRIS’ mother.

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