Man accused of stealing from dying friend now a fugitive

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There are new details in a NewsChannel 3 investigation into the death of 21-year-old Chris Pardee.

His friend was supposed to go on trial on Tuesday for stealing Chris’ expensive camera, but now that friend is a fugitive.

“I don`t want anybody else to ever go through something like this again,” says Chris’ mother, Diane.

Diane Pardee has been through a lot this year. Her son Chris died in June in what police called a car-surfing accident. But she's convinced the young friends with Chris that night aren't telling her, or police, the full story. And one of them, Erin Robertson, is charged with stealing from Chris as Chris was near death.

Today, Erin was supposed to go on trial for taking Chris' $3,000 camera and trying to pawn it. Prosecutors have video of that, and they gathering the online videos that Erin and Chris posted in the days leading up to Chris' death.

Today's camera-theft case was delayed. However, Erin was also supposed to be in court for another trial yesterday, and court clerks say he didn't show up. A judge has issued an arrest warrant. The theft case is now scheduled for next week. Diane is hoping that the trial might give her a better idea what happened that night to her only son.

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  • Laura

    This is absolutely sickening and ridiculous. This monster needs to be arrested NOW. This has gone on too long! He needs to be CONVICTED for theft, fraud, assault, alcohol, drugs and animal abuse. My heart goes out to a of the Pardee family and his REAL friends. This kid was obviously NOT a friend. No friend would do this.

  • simkatu

    Wow. Now Erin Robertson has to go through life knowing every time someone looks up his name, they’ll discover that he’s a worthless scum bag. All for a camera that he probably got less than $100 for at a pawn shop.

  • Donna

    “The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree” I noticed the online court records show that Erin’s mother, Randi, was sentenced to 10 years for heroin possession some time ago. I wonder if she will convince her son to turn himself in. FAT CHANCE!

  • Maddy

    I played detective and know where he is. I called 1800lockuup but they said they have no record of him being a fugitive. Who do I call?!?

    • Tim

      Maddy…..Something doesn’t smell right, does it? Anyway, according to court records, Erin is due in court this morning for trial on his 2 FELONY charges at 9:30. Case # CR13003012-00. Let’s see if his public defender, Brickey, invites him to be there.

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