Beach father on deadly Sandbridge crash: ‘To see them in that condition is unbearable’

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Virginia Beach, Va. - In one tragic crash, Virginia Beach father Glen Proctor lost two daughters, a nephew and fiancée.

“To see them in that condition is unbearable," Proctor says.

It’s an overwhelming loss that he is still trying to comprehend.

"It’s still not real,” he says. “I haven't even begun to deal with Cheyenne and Cherish, or even Marlo."

The accident happened last Wednesday night along the winding, two-lane Sandbridge Road. It was spring break for the six kids in the car. His fiancée, 38-year-old Marlo Bayot was driving them home from the beach. Proctor says he did not want them to go to the beach that day.

"I was like 'It's too cold,” he recalls saying to his kids that day over the phone. 'I’ll take you out there maybe Saturday when I’m off. I'll take you out there.'"

Investigators say Bayot swerved off the road, over-corrected and was t-boned by a pickup truck, forcing the sedan into a ditch. Court documents reveal Bayot smelled of alcohol and was speeding, going nearly 30 miles an hour over the limit.

Proctor says those details are too much to handle.

"That would be devastating,” he says. 'If she was going that fast?' “If she was doing anything like that."

Bayot and 14-year-old Cheyenne Proctor, who have both died, were riding in the front. Police say the two were the only ones wearing seat belts in the car. All five children in the back were not buckled up.

"I didn't know that everybody was going to be riding like that in there," Proctor says.

10-year-old Cherish Proctor was thrown from the car. She later died at the hospital--along with 13-year-old Gabriel Proctor.

As police continue their investigation into the crash, Proctor is focused on making sure the three remaining survivors stay alive.

"I want to break down but I don't have the room for that right now,” he says. “I have to take care of them."

Proctor says funerals for the three children will be this Saturday and Bayot's will be next week.


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  • Monisha


    One word sums you up. IGNORANT.
    How about your IGNORANT self contact Glen Proctor and ask him personally if he’s caught up on his child support instead of having these pointless conversations with everyone else up here. Go to the source. You’re a coward, and you obviously have no life whatsoever but to investigate shit that has nothing to do with you. The point is today that man buried his children and nephew today along with his fiancé. His family is gone forever and whether or not he paid or pays child support… He will always have to live with their loss.

  • Frank

    @Monisha. -Ok,- I’ll be that.
    again- He is still a father that did not support his children- People who truly love their children or come from loving homes hear the message loud and clear- You can support him. call me whatever. the facts are he did not support his children while they were alive. because of this massacre and he went on TV -we can’t question this? Blah blah blah. defend. throw fundraisers. condone these behaviors lift him up – just be weak in silence, please

    • Speak Truth

      @ Frank you are a truly pathetic spineless heartless person. What makes you so righteous to sit on a website and cast stones at a man that lost his family. You are not the judge nor jury. And how dare you tell the grieving to stay quiet. The focus should be on the kids and the family. The purpose of the fundraiser is to help lay innocent children to rest. NOBODY lives a perfect life. What is the purpose of you constantly following up on this blog and continuing to comment such negative posts. Why, if you dont know this man are you on his facebook page, looking up his history? If you dont have a life that is ok, but find a better hobby than being hateful. If you would like to post more of your negative hateful moronic comments please refrain from doing so, in your words stay quiet, if not only for the sake of the survivors of the lost. If you truly feel the need to continue to bash a man you dont know lets do this face to face…. what do you say?

  • Frank

    Now here we go again, with the supporters acting as if its okay for fathers to conduct themselves this way if his behavior isn’t disturbing to you- then that’s ok too- !

    The facts are still the facts-

    being a parent requires that YOU support YOUR children which includes your time & money.

    so again say whatever you like.

    call me whatever you want.

    Love & Light !

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