UPDATE: Two more victims die overnight after fatal Sandbridge crash

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Virginia Beach, Va. - Two more victims have died in the hospital following Wednesday night's fatal crash on Sandbridge Road, bringing the total number of victims to four.

Gabriel Kalani Proctor, 13, and Marlo Teofila Bayot, 38, died overnight according to a family member.

Cheyenne Gurney Proctor, 14, and Cherish Gurney Proctor, 10, died Wednesday night.

Bayot was driving a 2002 Nissan Sentra with six children inside when the crash occurred. Glen Proctor tells NewsChannel 3 that he is the father of five of the children, and the other, Gabriel Proctor, is his nephew. Bayot was Proctor's fiance.

Proctor tells us the three children who are fighting to survive are 12-year-old Jada Proctor, 12-year-old Malulani Proctor and 8-year-old Alii Proctor.

"Cherish, man she would brighten your day up,” family friend Nick Stewart says. “Cheyenne she was an awesome woman. You know I loved the tomboy in her because she was always down to throw a football."

"Everybody knows how sad this is,” Stewart says. “To wake up and see six kids and two are dead, how much sadder is that going to get?"

Jessie Manuel is another family friend. He says he's known all the kids since they were born. "I was just shocked about it. I couldn't believe it. You know especially all of them together in the car like that. It's terrible.”

“I just wish that things were different," Manuel says.

"It’s OK though; they are in a better place,” Stewart says. “I'm sure God is watching them in the hospital as we speak."

Police say the accident occurred when the Nissan veered off the roadway to the right. Bayot attempted to overcorrect to the left and traveled into the path of an oncoming Toyota Tacoma pickup truck.

The truck struck the Nissan at a 90-degree angle, pushing the Nissan into the ditch and ejecting one of the passengers.

The driver and passenger of the truck received minor injuries. Both were treated and released from a local hospital.

The crash remains under investigation.



Virginia Beach residents angered by by early-morning reverse 911 call


  • DR

    My 82 and 83 year old parents were among those called at 2am. They laughed about it the next day. (before hearing the circumstances) Neither one can understand why people are making such a big deal about nothing.

  • JOE H

    Stuff like that is why I dont live in or near va vbch selfish sorryasses only thinking of themselfs I got woke up boohoo grow the f— up

  • gammaraex

    I cannot believe how self absorbed some of you people are. A man is burying 4 people this week and you’re complaining about getting a late night phone call? Seriously?!

  • Frank

    The rap sheet on the father of these children is disturbing-smh
    Verified source(s) are advising he’s been in and out of jail for years.
    in addition is past due on his child support.

    • gail

      Who are you to post his business? The man Just lost ppl he loved! I hope your skeletons never fall out of closet during tragedy!

  • heather

    I can not believe that people are complaining about the call from the city that night. That by far doesnt compare to the people who lost their lives and the tragedy the family and friends are going threw. A man lost 3 of his children. Have a heart and do not get on here and complain. PRAY for this family(families)

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