Virginia Beach residents angered by early-morning reverse 911 call

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Virginia Beach, Va. - Many Virginia Beach residents have emailed and taken to social media to complain about the early-morning reverse-911 call they received alerting them that Sandbridge Road had reopened after a deadly accident.

One dead, eight hurt in multi-vehicle crash in Sandbridge

Virginia Beach police say they do not know at this time why the message, which was intended for only a small portion of the city, reached so many people.

Click to listen: 911 Notification Va Beach

Some of the emails we have received:

This morning I received a robo call from VA Beach Police. At around 2:30am this morning I received an automated computer generated phone call informing me that the 500 block of Sandbridge road was reopened approximately at 2:06am. I could care less if a road has been reopened and DEFINATELY at 2:30am could REALLY care less.

Now if there is a tsunami, nuclear reactor meltdown or we are under attack from Godzilla, okay.... CALL ME. But to call at 2:30am informing me that a road has been reopened? C'mon. - Donald Olverson


Received call this morning @ 2:39 AM from city number 757-385-3111. When picked up (after being woken up), no one was on phone.


  • Happy days

    Someone is dead and others hurt and all you worry about is how you were woken up in your bed. Boo hoo. Such a tragedy for you.

    • Honestly....

      I replied to this same post under the article about the terrible fatal accident in Sandbridge, but I think it’s worth seconding again. Citizens of Virginia Beach, you are a bunch of unfeeling, cold-hearted excuses for people, and complaining about a stupid phone call waking you up for a few minutes-which was APOLOGIZED FOR later-offically makes you the worst human beings I have ever experienced. I’m sure the families of those injured and killed in the crash would have loved to have had that call not apply to them. Happy Days and cloudchasers, you may be the only decent people in residence here. You are the only two I have noticed who didn’t leave a message b****ing about being awakened, without a thought about why.

  • Donna M Joyce

    Was it a bit inconvenient? Yes. Did it kill me? No People Should be thankful that the system works, get over it…. For those of you who didn’t care if Sandbridge Road was open, think of it as a “test” of the system, because we all know that you’d be the first to complain if you didn’t get a call. SMH

  • Sharon Sesson

    I rfeceuved a message on my work phone…I wold have loved to have gotte4n a call pon my cell phone…

  • Denise

    Usless pieces of unsympathic people. Look at this crash, read the articles, two children are dead and 5 still in the hopsital and all you can complain about is an “all call” – lucky it wasn’t a friend or family member that you you wouldn’t be complaining then. At least the system works.

  • Really?

    Two parents received the call early this morning that no parent wants to receive! You, fellow VB residents, received a courtesy call by mistake with good intentions. Shame on you and shame on news stations on making this an investigative story and making this a bigger story than the accident itself. Prayers go out to the families involved in this tragedy

  • Andrew Mann

    I got the phone call to did not bather me none at all then I get it on my cell phone as well. Again did not bother me none. just went back to sleep.

  • J Cost

    I received the call and could really care less that a street has been reopened at 2:30 AM. What bothers me is I did not ask for these calls or alerts, ever! I don’t want them nor do I need them since I have T.V. and the internet to keep me informed. My sympathies to the families involved.

      • J Cost

        I didn’t ask for sympathies from anyone, all I asked for was a choice. I understand that people were killed, but that happens quite often in this area and I don’t want to be woken up every time there’s an accident with a road closure.

  • NN

    It saddens me that someone with a journalism career would spell “misused” as “miss-used”. Sigh. This is an example of why a degree or professional career doesn’t necessarily indicate intelligence.

    I’m overlooking “your are” as a mere typo, but “miss-used” was intentional.

  • NN

    …Or am I mistaken in that this person is a News3 journalist? I admit the Facebook posting headers are awkward (I’m not a Facebook user) and I could be misunderstanding them; That could be a message directed at News3 instead of by News3.
    I’ll just blame all of this on Facebook, as usual.

  • Julie Ann Molohon

    I can’t believe that these people are even complaining-what part did you all miss? People are dead and you’re upset about a phone call? Really? Wow-I’ll bet the people that died would have loved being alive and receiving a phone call you insensitive jerks…

    Well I posted this earlier and I was wrong when I said you were insensitive jerks, I should have said- you were unfeeling, heartless, non compassionate, inhumane, cold hearted, self-centered, insensitive jerks……

    And it’s not- I could care less, it’s- I couldn’t care less.

    The grammatical errors and syntax errors on here are unbelievable.

    Julie Ann Kelley


  • Stick to the Facts Folks

    You totally miss the point. The call was made in error because we in Lynnhaven are not impacted. The point is-place calls correctly-regardless of the outcome. The deaths having nothing to do with the error as either way, the calls were made to a group that are not impacted by the reason for the call. Get the facts right if you are going to insult fellow tax payers. You are right, if there is an urgent matter, getting a call regarding that matter is correct, yet-as is proven by the apology by VB-the call was made in error and that raises a whole host of other questions regarding how well the system actually works. Again, totally outside of the outcome of the accident.

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