Chesapeake man says dad shot, bit him for no reason

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Chesapeake, Va. - 26-year-old Chase Negrete unwraps the bandages, displaying the bullet wound on his leg.

"I was scared,” he says. “Survival went through my mind. That's all that went through my mind. I believe it ricocheted off because of the angle.”

Chase also has visible bite marks on his hands.

Chase says the injuries are from his father, 48-year-old Jesse Negrete, who was arrested for shooting him Monday night.

"He shot me when I was on the ground and he shot at me when I was running away, looks to me like he was trying to kill me," Chase says.

However, Chase's grandmother, Milah Negrete, told NewsChannel 3 a much different story Thursday.

"Chase just snapped and there are knife marks in the hallway, up the stairs and he pulled a knife on his dad," Milah said.

"Why would I stab holes in the wall?” Chase countered.  “I mean, that's just not me."

Chase says he came to visit his dad and 3-year-old sister that night. When he was walking to his truck, Chase says Jesse attacked him out of nowhere.

"Just randomly put me in a choke hold and then I’m on the ground and he lets me go," Chase says.

Neighbors say they heard five or six shots.

"I had on a red shirt and when he shot me in my leg, I took off running,” Chase recalls. “Then he started trying to shoot me as I was running away, hitting my truck because my truck was on the other side of me and I grabbed my shirt and ripped my shirt off because I didn't want to be a red target running down the street."

Jesse turned himself in Thursday. Chase says he's forgiven his father, but can't forget.

"That’s my dad. I love him, but I can't be watching my back all the time."


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