Myles Blog: What to expect from Sandy

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By Myles Henderson, WTKR Meteorologist

HURRICANE SANDY: I've been getting a ton of questions like, "what are we going to see from Sandy?" The short answer... It's too soon to tell. But, let's talk about some of the possibilities.

Based on the NHC forecast cone as of Wednesday at 11 a.m., the best case path would keep Sandy about 500 miles off the East Coast and the worst case path will bring it within 50 miles of the coast. (The best/worse cases are shown by the two grey icons). As of now, Hurricane winds extend out 25 miles and Tropical Storm winds extend out 140 miles from the center.

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What does that mean for us?
Best case: The center tracks 500 miles off the coast... We get clouds, a few outer rain bands, some "breezy" conditions, and minor coastal/tidal flooding.
Worst case:The center tracks 50 miles off the coast... We get heavy rain, potential flooding, winds could reach TS strength, storm surge, and coastal/tidal flooding.***This storm still has a long way to travel and many chances to go through as it crosses Jamaica, Cuba, and the Bahamas.***