Power of patriotism: Chesapeake boy accomplishes goal of inspiring neighborhood to fly American flags

CHESAPEAKE, Va. - Two months ago, Charlie Hecht set out on a mission to bring more patriotism to his neighborhood.

He went door-to-door talking to people about what the American Flag means to him and the country. After a quick conversation, he left them with a letter and headed towards the next house.

Charlie Hecht

However, the letter was more than just words on a sheet of paper. If you brought the note to the local Lowe's, you could buy an American Flag for a discounted price.

Fast forward to today, and American Flags have popped up around the neighborhood. Families were inspired by Charlie's message and took initiative to hang flags in front of their homes.

"I think 99% of the houses have American Flags on them now. It's amazing," Charlie said with a big smile on his face. "It feels really good, honestly, to know I've done something in my neighborhood for the better cause."

Now, when Charlie rides his bike, he can be proud of the patriotism in his neighborhood.

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