Charlottesville Robert E. Lee statue vandalized but ‘freedom’ spelling has people talking

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. – Statues of Robert E. Lee in Virginia have been vandalized in the past but this time people are talking about the act for a different reason.

CBS 19 News shared a picture of recent vandalism where the culprit seems to have spelled the word ‘freedom’ wrong.

Although the D looks a little like an O, the word is also missing an E.

This statue made news after 2017 rallies in Charlottesville turned deadly.

32-year-old Heather Heyer was killed after a car drove through a crowd of people protesting a ‘Unite the Right’ rally.

Previously, the great-great grandson of Gen. Robert E. Lee condemned the violence in Charlottesville and said it might be “appropriate” for Confederate statues to be exhibited in a museum.

The statue is surrounded by construction material and signs that say “City personnel only, no trespassing.”

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