And the winner is…. Voters decide which lip sync video is best

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Yesterday, WTKR asked its audience to vote for their favorite lip sync challenge video created by the Norfolk Police Department, Hampton PD and Virginia Beach PD.

After more than 1,600 votes were cast, it was obvious viewers had a clear favorite.

The Norfolk PD’s version of “Uptown Funk” was the overwhelming winner, capturing a whopping 81% of the vote. The VBPD’s multi-song effort came in second, with Hampton’s take on “Good Vibrations” finishing in third.

Full results here:

Norfolk PD (81%) 1,344 votes

Virginia Beach PD (12%) 202 votes

Hampton PD (7%) 110 votes

When the poll was originally posted on Facebook on Friday, fans seemed to agree that Norfolk, the first department to participate in the challenge, deserved the nod.

The debate is over for now…. the Suffolk PD is expected to drop its lip sync entry soon.



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