Chesapeake’s Reggie Barnett Jr. wins debut bare-knuckle bout

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. – No gloves. No dancing around the ring. In this fight, Reggie Barnett Jr. toed the line.

Reggie Barnett Jr. (Courtesy: USA Today)

In the first sanctioned and state-regulated bare-knuckle event in United States history, Barnett, a mixed-martial arts fighter and professional boxer, defeated Travis Thompson in a unanimous decision.

The bout went five rounds, with both boxers wearing gauze wraps on their hands, and knuckles exposed. This was the first bare-knuckle event since John L. Sullivan’s bouts in the 1880s.

Barnett Jr. told News 3 that he had been “looking for an opportunity to fight in front of the world.”

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