Navy plans to replace aging C-2A Greyhounds with V-22 Ospreys

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NORFOLK, Va. – The Navy is moving forward with plans to replace one of the aging airplanes that calls Norfolk home.

A Draft Environmental Assessment was undertaken to look at the facilities and functions needed to support replacing the aging C-2A Greyhound aircraft with the new CMV-22B Osprey (Navy V-22) at Naval Station Norfolk.

The C-2A was commissioned in the 1960s, refurbished in 1973, and again in 2010.

The Navy says it has reached the end of its service life, and must be replaced.

Navy V-22 aircraft will deliver personnel, mail, and cargo to/from aircraft carriers from land-based supply centers in Norfolk and San Diego.

Lieutenant Ross Nix is one of the first pilots to transition from the C2-A Greyhound to the V-22 Osprey.

“The biggest difference is being able to utilize the vertical take-off and land capability. With the C-2 we were always limited to operating from larger runways, but with the V-22 we can take off from an area that’s a much smaller area,” Nix told News 3 anchor Todd Corillo.

Based upon the analysis in the EA, the introduction of the Navy V-22 is expected to have only minor impacts on the environment and local community.


Navy hosting public meeting on basing new V-22 Osprey in Norfolk

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