Local Chipotle locations part of nationwide payment breach

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NORFOLK, Va. – Chipotle Mexican Grill provided more information about the payment card security incident that was reported April 25.

An investigation was completed by cyber security firms, law enforcement and the payment card networks.

The restaurant said malware designed to access payment card data from cards used on point-of-sale devices at certain Chipotle restaurants between March 24 and April 18.

The malware searched for data like cardholder’s names in addition to card number, expiration date and internal verification code.

It then read from the magnetic stripe of a payment card as it was being routed through the device. There is no indication that other customer information was affected, Chipotle said.

During the investigation Chipotle officials said they removed the malware they continue to work with cyber security firms to evaluate ways to enhance security measures.

Here is a list of local Chipotle locations that were affected and the dates the malware could have compromised your information:

836 Eden Way North, Ste 147 23320 3/26/2017–4/18/2017

3510 Von Schilling Dr 23666 3/25/2017–4/18/2017

Newport News:
12300 Jefferson Ave, Suite 200 23602 3/25/2017–4/18/2017

1501 Colley Avenue 23517 3/27/2017–4/18/2017
1087 North Military Hwy., 100 23502 3/27/2017–4/18/2017

6216 College Drive, Suite 101 23435 3/26/2017–4/18/2017

Virginia Beach:
3380 Princess Anne Rd., 115 23456 3/27/2017–4/18/2017
300 Constitution Drive, Suite 103 23462 3/24/2017–4/18/2017
2701 N. Mall Dr, Suite 108 23452 3/25/2017–4/18/2017
2137 Upton Drive, Ste 328, 2002 23454 3/27/2017–4/18/2017
1724 Laskin Road 23451 3/27/2017–4/18/2017

1413 Richmond Rd. 23187 3/26/2017–4/18/2017

If you have questions regarding this incident call 888-738-0534.

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