Charges dismissed against Norfolk sex offender accused of videotaping women

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NORFOLK, Va. – A registered sex offender who was charged with Peeping into an Occupied Dwelling had his charges dismissed Wednesday.

James Eddy III

James Paul Eddy III was arrested on March 23 and court documents said an investigation started in January when a woman said a ceiling tile moved when she was getting into a tanning booth at the Planet Fitness on Little Creek Road.

Police searched the tanning area, but did not find evidence of a man videotaping women.

During a polygraph exam in February, Eddy admitted to videotaping 15-20 women while they used the tanning beds from December 2016 to January 2017, court documents said.

On Wednesday his charges were dismissed, but Eddy still remains behind bars because he was taken into custody for breaking the terms of his initial release.

Eddy is serving a term for 15 months because of his violation of the supervised release.