Hampton rescue group helps North Carolina shelter with 11 saved dogs

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HAMPTON, Va. - An animal advocacy group saved 11 dogs from being euthanized in a shelter after being there for seven months in a seize hold.

Regina Quinn from Blue Angels Advocacy and Rescue Resource said she felt guilty about not being able to do more for the 21 dead dogs found in Hampton just more than a week ago.

"We couldn't save them. And our heart aches for that so seeing the faces of these dogs in the shelter on hold for seven months, it's just like wow, what an opportunity to heal that pain," said Quinn.

After the vigil Quinn held for those dogs, a woman reached out to her about 11 other dogs about to be euthanized.

On Monday, about 30 minutes before their scheduled euthanization, Quinn's rescue group were able to save the 11 dogs.

"The dogs were literally lined up to be killed today at 12 o' clock. We didn't get them out until literally 11:30. So when I say last minute, it was last minute. It was a lot of scrambling," said Quinn.

According to Quinn, for seven months the dogs were part of a well-known dog fighting operation.

They were originally saved by a North Carolina shelter where they stayed for seven months. Then, the shelter worked with the rescue group to give the dogs a second chance. This afternoon, the 11 dogs finally got a taste of freedom and happily ran in the sunlight - something they haven't seen in months.

Now, Quinn and her group are focusing on rehabilitating the dogs and placing them in good homes. But more importantly, she wants people to not turn a blind eye to animals who need help.

"We need to step it up and stop being afraid and have the integrity to stand up for those who can`t stand up for themselves," said Quinn.

To help the rescue group or learn more about their efforts visit their Facebook page.

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