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Judge lowers sentencing guidelines for Bob McDonnell

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UPDATE: Judge James Spencer has reduced the sentencing guidelines for Bob McDonnell based on calculation of loss amount and the elimination of an Obstruction of Justice enhancement. The guidelines are now 6.5 to 8 years instead of the original 10 to 12 years. 

Spencer ruled that the value of the gifts McDonnell received was between $97,000-121,000. That would equate to about 78-97 months behind bars based on federal sentencing guidelines.

Stay tuned to NewsChannel 3 for updates. 

Richmond, Va. -  Attorneys for former Gov. Bob McDonnell say the prosecution's math -- used to support a sentencing recommendation of more than a decade in prison -- is wrong. In documents filed late Friday, the lawyers say the guidelines should be closer to three years in prison.

Defense lawyers have asked that instead of prison, McDonnell be allowed to perform missionary-style work, as a community service.

Prosecutors countered that the math was fine. In a response, they noted that of the 1,000 pages of documents filed in advance of Tuesday's sentencing, more than 960 came from McDonnell's lawyers. On Monday, McDonnell's lawyers asked, in nearly 90 pages, for their client to remain free from prison pending an appeal on the corruption convictions.

McDonnell and wife Maureen were convicted in September of using their positions as the first family to promote a Richmond businessman's tobacco-based diet supplement. In exchange, the couple and their children received cash, gifts, vacations, private-jet rides, golf outings and  undocumented loans.

At the conclusion of the 10 a.m. sentencing, U.S. Attorney Dana J. Boente will speak about the case. NewsChannel 3's sister station in Richmond, WTVR, is reporting that McDonnell, if sentenced to prison, will not be taken directly into custody. Rather, he'll be given a time and location to report to prison. WTVR is reporting McDonnell is expected to make a statement as well.

McDonnell began his political career as a state delegate from Virginia Beach. He later won Virginia elections for attorney general and governor. In 2012, he was being considered as a vice presidential running mate for Mitt Romney, but was not chosen. McDonnell is the first Virginia governor convicted of public corruption.

NewsChannel 3 will have continuing coverage of Bob McDonnell's sentencing today.


  • Richard Carter

    Let me see if I get this right. The Feds want to send Bob McDonnell to jail for corruption, though R. Jonnie Williams got NOTHING for the loans and gifts to the former governor. But Williams got immunity for his back taxes and for securities fraud from the Feds. Meanwhile, Al Sharpton, who has evaded the IRS for millions, is paid by The White House and gives close counsel to the president while inflaming racial tensions. And Terry McAuliffee raises a million dollars through his PAC, which for donations of $100K includes dinner with the governor to discuss anything. And “experts” like Larry Sabato want to know why many people have lost faith in government and the judicial system? It’s rather obvious. The McDonnells were targeted, pure and simple, by an administration that is high on power and low on ethics…an administration that will stop short of almost nothing to advance its agenda to remake America. What happened to Bob McDonnell can happen to any politician that crosses The White House, and for that matter any ordinary citizen. The rule of law is being perverted into the rule of power.

    • Carmen

      First off, they wouldn’t have been found guilty and be facing time if they were innocent. Secondly, you’re bringing up random issues that have nothing to do with this case and provide no back up for your accusations. Whether your statements are fact or fiction, your comment muddles the issue at hand. In the end, I doubt either of these two will see the inside of a jail cell, even though for the Mrs., it’s more than warranted.

    • bootsnchaps

      Your deflection was worn out long before the trial ended last year. McD was a modestly successful politician who was passed over by Romney for Ryan. There were potential targets of greater political value like Christie or Walker if there was a desire to “take someone out” as your deflection attempts to imply. If you have information that the feds need to know that only you possess regarding any of the folks you mention take it to the feds and convince them you have enough to make a case. There are lots of us who think the government and the judicial system works pretty well. Of course you offer no solutions or alternatives, just complaints. McD made poor decisions and could have told Williams to go away at any point. He chose not to. He chose to use Williams as a “rich uncle” . He now gets to face the consequences .

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