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Former Decker murder suspect charged with Wednesday murder in Norfolk

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Norfolk Police have made an arrest in a homicide that occurred Wednesday, July 16th.

Kareem H. Turner, 26, has been charged with Murder and Use of a Firearm in the Commission of a Felony for the death of 35-year-old Dajuan F. Glover.

Police responded to the area of Jason Avenue and Hancock Avenue around 4:40 a.m. Wednesday morning and discovered Glover suffering from gunshot wounds. He was pronounced deceased at the scene.

Turner is currently being held in the Norfolk City Jail with no bond.

Turner was recently released from jail after murder charges against him were dropped in March.

He was one of two men charged in the 2010 robbery and murder of off-duty Norfolk police officer Victor Decker, slain near a Virginia Beach go-go bar.

Turner’s attorneys found out one of the state’s main witnesses was lying in the case and they could prove it. Commonwealth’s Attorney Colin Stolle conceded that derailed the case and prosecution was stopped.

UPDATE: Police identify man shot and killed in Norfolk

Man accused of Norfolk officer’s murder: ‘I was innocent from the beginning’

Sources: Charges to be dropped against man accused of Norfolk officer’s murder


  • Cole

    We need to bring back public executions. The people ( use that term loosely) that commit these crimes have no fear of jail.
    There seems to be no substantial deterant to keep them from taking another persons life. Or, taking what does not belong to them.
    Better yet, how about WE as a country Deport Our Criminals, it sure seems to be working for other countries.
    You commit a capital crime , your choice, death penalty or get the hell out!
    You had this guy, and you let him go…..Sleep well tonight Comm. Att.
    Job well done.

    • JustsayingFYI

      One, If you don’t like Black people then move back down south where you racist a$S belong. Two, I’ve been in this town for 35 years and its just as many white animals. Try looking at the mug shots up here and you will see it’s split fifty fifty.

      • captain sensible

        geography lesson one: virginia is in the south. reality lesson one, idiots of all races get tattoos on their necks, not just black ones. pharmacology lesson one: put down that bottle of pills, it says on the side for medicinal purposes only

    • Cole

      Well, just so we are accurate, I counted 34 out of 84 mugshots posted above were as you said ” white animals”.
      Back in math class, the would of been closer to 40%, not fifty fifty. Just saying…..

      • JustsayingFYI


        Since you’ve bought my ability to do basic first grade math into question I’ve decided to respond. The first thing I’ve learn back in grade school math is that if your going to solve a math problem correctly you must first read and understand the whole problem which in this case you have failed to do. Let me see if I can help you out with these basic steps.

        Step 1. You stated that there where 84 mug shots. The correct number would be 111
        Step 2. You stated that there where 34 “white animals” and 50 “black animals” giving us about a 40% white to a 60% black mug shot lineup which by your calculations would be correct, except for the fact that you’ve failed to calculate all the giving information so here is. (the correct problem and answer)

        Mug shot photo’s = 111 pic. (100%)
        White pic. = 41 = 37%
        Black pic. = 40 = 36%
        Other (non white non black) pic. = 30 = 27%

        Add them up Cole and you would get 100% okay.
        I said Black and White was running at “fifty fifty” or 50/50 or 37%-36% of 81 mug shots.

        Are you keeping up Cole? The difference would be the other 30 mug shots of non black nor white okay.

        Remember I was replaying to someone else’s comment stating “this community will never be safe until the black community stop acting like animals.”

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