Man accused of Norfolk officer’s murder: ‘I was innocent from the beginning’

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Norfolk, Va. - The Commonwealth has dropped all charges against Kareem Turner in the Victor Decker murder case, citing perjury.

Kareem Turner's family waited for hours at the door, only to find out he was released from another building.

They raced through the cold mist, down a wet sidewalk to do what they haven't in a year and a half. Grab him and hold him. Turner quickly scooped up his girls.

“It's a beautiful feeling to hold these doodle heads,” says Turner.

Turner's murder trial was supposed to start this morning. He was one of two men charged in the 2010 robbery and murder of off-duty Norfolk police officer Victor Decker, slain near a Virginia Beach go-go bar. Late last week, Turner's attorneys Thomas Sheppard and Emily Munn, found out one of the state's main witnesses was lying and they could prove it. Commonwealth's Attorney Colin Stolle conceded that derailed the case, at least for now.

“We have an obligation to stop the prosecution of the case. That's what we did today. At this point I don't feel that we have sufficient evidence to proceed to trial. That may change in the future. We'll have to see,” says Stolle.

Stolle said there was other evidence, but he did not disclose it. Turner's attorneys discounted that, saying that Turner was not involved. And Turner himself insisted he was wrongly arrested.

"I don't know why they did what they did, but I just want to let y'all know I was innocent from the beginning” says Turner.

But in a case like this, for every elation there is disappointment. This is a major blow for the officer's widow, Dawn Decker, who until recently thought today would be the first step in justice for her husband.

“I contacted Dawn myself. And it was a very difficult phone call to make. Dawn has been through more than anybody should in life,” says Stolle.

"I thank God it is over, but I hope they find who did this. I really do. My heart goes out to the Decker family. They deserve justice," said Turner's mother.

Sources: Charges to be dropped against man accused of Norfolk officer’s murder


  • Carmen Borden

    while its refreshing that the prosecutor decided to do the right thing, he still would not admit that this guy is innocent. by suggesting that there’s other evidence that points to him, is a bunch of b.s. if that’s the case, then try him on that information, otherwise, i don’t believe it even exist. i am happy that this guy is home with his family. and bless his attorney’s for sticking with him.

    • Dutch Shults

      Exactly. Why do prosecutors worry more about convictions than justice. So now there is a cop killer on the loose, who has been on the loose during this who wasted period of months. Ever watch “48 Hours” Well guess what Prosecutor “Crime Fighting Hero”…you are way past your 48 hour window. How can someone be so stupid and be a prosecutor.

  • Honestly....

    Glad for his childrens’ sake that justice was done. Kareem, your little “doodle heads” are adorable….To think that someone’s lie could have taken their dad away from them forever defies understanding.
    My sympathies go out to the victim’s widow, as well. After all she’s already been through, to know that she still doesn’t have closure! I hope they give her a break and catch the right guy next time.

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