Teen driver may not be convicted despite drinking videos found by NewsChannel 3

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Virginia Beach, Va. - Officers on Tuesday testified 19-year-old driver Alexanda Liebig twice told them she had not been drinking after an accident that ended in the death of one of her passengers, Chris Pardee. A police breath test and online videos disputed that.

A NewsChannel 3 investigation uncovered online videos posted that night that showed Liebig, who goes by "Alexa," drinking beer hours before the accident. Most of the testimony Tuesday at the judge's bench was so quiet and hushed it couldn't be heard in the courtroom.

When Liebig's case was called, her mother moved from the back of the court to a seat behind a reporter and repeatedly coughed, hacked and cleared her throat. Officers testified they found Alexa Liebig tending to Pardee after the accident. The officers testified they heard that Pardee either tried to ride on the roof of the car or that he climbed out of the window and fell to the pavement. He died days later. One officer testified Liebig told him she didn't know what happened. His mother, Diane Pardee, has said she doesn't believe those stories.

An officer told the judge Liebig registered a 0.027 on a preliminary breath test. That's well below the DUI limit for drivers old enough to drink. But it exceeds the state's 0.02 level for teen drivers. However Liebig was never charged with anything more serious than underage possession of alcohol.

After our stories, police opened their own investigation into why Liebig wasn't dealt with more strictly by the officers.

Today in court, a judge found enough evidence to convict her, but delayed her ruling. If Liebig stays out of trouble for six months, she won't have a conviction on her record.

No one was charged for Pardee's death. Another passenger in the car, Erin Robertson, was charged with taking advantage of the tragedy and stealing Pardee's $3,000 camera. He's in jail awaiting trial.


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  • Clotus Jones

    I’m not surprised. Women lie all the time if it serve their best interests. One of their favorite lies is to claim abuse when they file for divorce, that way they can get a sweeter deal in the settlement.

  • The Don

    Wow. …what more can I say..then the dumb mother acts the way she does in court..mother and daughter acting foolish and stupid seems they came from same mold …someone died and if u were driving the car buzzed and the passenger was doing stupid stuff as well …u are responsible for everyone in that car…regardless ! Unreal

  • Shay Taylor

    What’s in a name?! Her last one tells it all! The mother should have been removed from the courtroom if she couldn’t keep quiet. Its obvious that she was making noise on purpose! I feel bad for the mom that lost her her son and hope she files a civil suit against that family.

  • Rachel Humphrey

    I would have to say the reason they didn’t peruse this was because he was hanging out the window or on top the car so tech. the reason he died wasn’t because she was drinking and driving but because he wasn’t doing the right thing either. Even if she has been sober at the time his chances of living through that were low. Now if he has been in his seat in a belt they might have looked at her differently. But I think in this case they were thinking it took both of them and he did his part as well.

  • Tim

    On the District Court online case page, it looks like the Liebig family keeps Alexa’s attorney, Larry Slipow very busy, defending their drug and alcohol charges, to include a DUI for Alexa’s father, David, the same night, Alexa was charged. Is this just COINCIDENTAL?

  • Nancy

    This is such an unfortunate tragedy that would have been avoided if the young girl didn’t choose to drive in the first place. You can’t convince me that she was unaware that Chris was on top of the car or hanging out the window. If the judge has enough evidence to convict her, he should do the right thing convict her. A young man , who was an occupant in her car, died because her actions were as irresponsible as his. She should have not been behind the wheel of that car and she shouldn’t have actively participated in the knowingly dangerous behavior of driving the car while someone is hanging out the window or on top of the roof. She knows exactly where Chris was and is just not being honest.

  • Laura

    This video is discusting. The driver of this car is a lying 19 year old. She told his mother she’d get him home safe! Good luck not getting in trouble for 6 months. If she had seen Chris messing around in the car, she should have NOT been driving. Virginia beach police should be in HUGE trouble for not arresting her. What happened to zero tolerance?!? Chris Pardee died!! These stupid immature kids in that car with him HAVE to face the consequences of their lies and actions. They obviously weren’t Chris’ friends because NONE of this would have happened. I can’t wait for the Pardee family to get their justice and Chris can rest in peace.

  • Luke

    Both of the last comments left on here are totally ignorant and typical of society today. People are responsible for their own actions. She blew a .027 which is the equivalent of one beer. She did not force Chris to jump out of the car nor was she intoxicated to the point where she should not be driving. I completely sympathize with the Pardee family but what good would come from locking up the driver who had literally had one beer or possibly two? Nancy, are you saying that you have never driven after having one or two beers?

    • Nancy

      Luke, in response to your question, I have never driven a car after one or two beers with an occupant of my car hanging out the window or riding the roof or hood of the car.. The young lady is not being truthful.The driver of the car needs to be accountable for her own actions which include driving while an occupant in her car was being irresponsible. It may not have been her underage .027 BAC that contributed to this tragedy, but her driving the car while he was hanging out the window or car surfing certainly did. She knows exactly what happened and yes, she needs to be held accountable for her actions and convicted. In my opinion, it is ignorant to think otherwise.

  • Tim

    Ms.Liebig’s and Ms. Drew’s stories are made up. The rear window of the 2010 Ford Fusion Sport measure approximately 15 inches in height and 25 inches in length sloping to the rear. Also, the glass does not roll completely down inside the door, and seat back of the front seat extends into this area. It is quite unlikely anyone of Mr, Pardee’s size could fit in this opening. I agree that even though Ms. Liebig was not innebriated enough at .027 BAC to handle her car, though illegally, she was quite aware of what really happened.

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