Getting Results: Movers with big hearts help Navy vet with ALS

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He used to be a warrior on the water, but now, this Navy veteran is struggling to navigate life with ALS.

NewsChannel 3 first brought you George Sasse's story last summer.

The former Naval Special Warfare SWCC boat operator was just starting out in the fight against ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease.

In the past few months, though, George's condition has grown more complicated.

“He doesn’t have use of hands anymore--he uses his feet to talk,” said Laurie Sasse, George’s wife. “Getting around is not easy…sleeping on the same floor would be nice. He's downstairs, I’m upstairs.”

Because of George's limitations, his wife Laurie had to make a tough decision.

“Now we are moving,” said Sasse. “Buying a new house was a better option, it has an open floor plan, and it’s easier to get around.”

But there was one big problem.

“Money...a lot of money to move and I can't afford it,” said Sasse.

Luckily, the family has some good friends who contacted NewsChannel 3.

“Channel 3, you guys contacted Harrison’s, and they are moving us today!” said Sasse.

Harrison's Moving and Storage, without hesitation, stepped up to help NewsChannel 3 take action for this family--free of charge.

“It was amazing when they called. We are going to be in a better place for him and we are going to be happy,” said Sasse.


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  • Trish Rodolff

    This is absolutely wonderful and I am so happy for these people. We are in a similar situation as my husband has ALS and we just moved here last May and this house also has stairs. We will be needing to move because his ALS has gotten worse and since we don’t know may people here I shudder to think of the moving cost so we are looking for a house to buy with the right floor plan for him. God Bless to those wonderful people.

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