IOW dog owners charged in vicious attack

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Isle of Wight County, Va. - On Monday, Isle of Wight County Animal Control charged 47-year-old Celine Fulmore with having two dangerous dogs.

Those dogs, a larger mixed breed named Baby and a black lab mix named Little Man along with a pit bull mix are accused of killing 10-year-old Jessica Coffield's best friend, Shadow last week.

Today, NewsChannel 3 took action and went to Fulmore's home.

She didn't want to do an interview with us, but she invited us inside to see for ourselves that her dogs aren’t vicious.

As Little Man lay calmly on the couch, the pit bull mix sat on the lap of NewsChannel 3’s Jackie Morlock.

Fulmore's daughter, 19-year-old Dana Brewer, owns the pit bull mix named Jade; the animal thought by officials to be the leader of the attack.

“I was so in shock because she loves every dog she's ever met. I just, this is just not her,” Brewer says.

But extremely gruesome photos of Jessica's dog Shadow disemboweled after the attack tell a very different story.

“It looks horrible, it does,” Brewer says looking at the photos for the first time.

Brewer went on to explain the attack, “Honestly, because we were told by a close friend of their's that it was over scraps."

NewsChannel 3 took Brewer's story to Imeleta Wright who witnessed the whole thing and tried fighting off all three dogs.

"That is a lie and I know that there were no scraps over there,” Wright says.

Not only does Wright say there were no scraps, she also says Brewer and her mother's dogs are constantly out roaming the neighborhood. In fact, Wright says she caught them in her yard a couple days ago, even though animal control ordered the family to keep their dogs confined until the case is heard in court.

“We don't. We don't let our dogs roam out,” Brewer responded.

Brewer hasn't been charged just yet, but officials say they expect to serve her a dangerous dog petition for Jade on Tuesday.

Brewer says she does take responsibility for the role her dog played in the attack. Her biggest fear though is that a judge will deem her dog vicious which could result in the animal being put down.

“Just like their dogs have got out before, our dogs have got out and unfortunately this time when our dogs got out, this happened and I feel really bad for the family, I do.” Brewer adds, “But then again two wrongs don't make a right and killing my dog is not going to make their dog come back.”

Fulmore will go before a judge next month for the two charges against her.


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  • Disgusted

    True, killing her dog won’t bring the other one back, but it could prevent some other kid’s pet….or some kid….getting killed. She doesn’t seem to have any idea of how much worse this could have been-next time, they may bite or attack a person. Like many irresponsible dog owners who don’t bother to contain or train their animals, she is taking no responsibility for creating the situation in the first place,and the poor animal will ulitmately pay the price.

  • Annoyed

    Why is it that only the pit bull mix owner is getting served with a dangerous dog petition when in the first story the other two mixed breed dogs have attacked before? How is it believed that the pit bull lead the attack when the other dogs are known to have attacked before? The reporting on pit bulls is really screwed up. How about the dog that was killed was a pitbull? A family pet that was not being responsibly watched was killed in an open yard by dogs that were not responsibly contained in a yard. Stop putting the blame on pitbulls and put the blame where it belongs, on irresponsible dog owners.

  • Reality

    the fact that any dog was a pitbull has nothing to do with it. this is normal behavior for dogs, dogs fight! hello people!! no that doesn’t make it okay for them to go around the neighborhood killing other dogs, but it doesn’t necessarily make them a dangerous dog either. the other dog may have started it. no that still doesn’t make it OK but it explains it. people who own dogs need to have fenced yard. there are inexpensive ways to do this with cattle panels with steel posts or chain link using wood posts. the problem is people do not understand dog behavior and most certainly judges do not, I think they just opt to make the public happy, and the dog has to be put to sleep this is ridiculous! at least give the people the option of fencing in their dogs or putting them to sleep, and absolutely no chaining of dogs.

  • pit bull owner

    I have had a pit, and I have had multiple other dog breeds. I always socialize my dogs as much as possible. Unfortunately, the only bad incident I have ever had was with my pit. She is the nicest, sweetest, most loving dog in the world…but its not just people out to get them, they are an aggressive breed. The people sticking up for pits have a point, it is 99% the owners fault. But, at the same time, I have never worried my lab would potentially maul another dog if she got out. All dogs will fight, especially when you get a group together that gang up on another dog. Some also just tend to be more aggressive. It is ultimately the owners responsibility and this girls lack of ownership and responsibility pisses me off. I wish we could limit the idiots that own animals.

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