Beach woman says dog was attacked and killed by another dog

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Virginia Beach, Va. - Thirty-two-year-old Kristen Dowdy feels lost without her little companion, a six-pound yorkie named Stoley.

"He is my best friend and he's my buddy," said Kristen.

More than a week ago, she says, another dog attacked and killed him on the beach near their home.

Now, she's reminiscing about the day she picked him out at a local pet store four years ago.

"I held him, and he kissed me and he loved me," she said.

From that day on, Stoley became a huge part of the Dowdy family. They even named him after their favorite restaurant in Virginia Beach. And he became a main side-kick to Kristen who has Down Syndrome.

Kristen's mom, Kathy, was the one walking the little guy along the beach on January 23rd.

As the two turned to head back home, Kathy says, a dog off-leash that looked like some kind of pit bull mix grabbed Stoley and wouldn't let go.

It's a sight she still can't shake free from her mind.

"He had him from behind so his head was just being shaken and he would slam it down into the sand and shake it some more,” Kathy explained. She added, “I think my mind just went blank, I screamed bloody murder."

Kathy says  the dog's owner took down her information but left before police came.

Animal Control is investigating but she says, they're still trying to track down the other owner.

She says all of it was a very devastating experience. The hardest part, though was breaking the tragic news to Kristen.

"As I opened the door she's yelling Stoley not mom just Stoley and I had to come in and tell her and, of course, I was covered with blood at this point," Kathy said.

Kristen just hopes Stoley is in a better place.

"I hope he's okay in the bottom of my heart that he's in heaven because I miss him so much."

NewsChannel 3 reached out to Animal control. We were told they could not comment on the investigation at this time because the person we need to speak to has the day off.


  • Chris Sjolund

    Whatever the breed, people that do not control their dogs that are off leash anywhere are neglectful! I have had a dog on a leash many times and had an unknown dog run up and you never know whats going to happen when two dogs meet and one is off leash and owner does not have control over it.

  • Beth

    First and foremost, my deepest sympathies to the family who has lost their fur family member. It is a heart breaking event and given the circumstances, extremely traumatic. I would like to point one thing out that is not directly related to this article, however. I would like to give appreciation to Jackie Morlock for not only using person first language but for refraining from identifying the woman as a woman with Down syndrome in the heading/first few lines in order to grab “sympathy readers”. Thank you for maintaining dignity. Once again, I’m truly sorry for this family’s loss.

    • Nancy Winget

      That is precisely why dog owners need to control their dogs, and that is why there are such things as leashes and collars.

  • JSmith

    People should have their dogs on a leash at all times! It is the LAW! If I hear one more person tell me their dog is friendly and not to worry, I’m going to scream. It is an animal and animals are unpredictable! Stop treating your animals like they are children and put a leash on them!

  • crescentmoonstar

    first off to the last two comments dogs will be dogs that’s a cope out you don’t hear people say people will be people when they hurt or kill!!! as for the second comment about them being animals not kids i truly hope you don’t have a little furry family member i have a 7#11oz Chihuahua and he is my furry son i treat him just like a son he is spoiled rotten. your furry friend gives you all their love with no strings and you talk like that shame on you, last it doesn’t matter if she has a medical condition or not hurt is hurt it doesn’t change that !!!! i can understand her hurt my baby was attacked by a jack rustle and i thought i was going to lose him its very painful to know someone you love is gone or may be gone fur or no fur they are a part of your family not a yard ornament my heart goes out to you young lady my the God and Goddess wrap you in their arms and help you through this difficult time blessed be

  • H. Millet

    All dogs should be treated individually. BUT I do believe there should be stricter leash laws and they should be enforced- unless in a dog park, people should have their dogs on a leash. People don’t seem to understand that training ones dog is necessary and that even “friendly” dogs can bite or get bit if they run up on another dog. Both my puggle and pit mix have been bit by “friendly” dogs that were off leash (illegally). Owners need to be responsible.

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