Student creates online petition to change snow make-up days

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In Virginia Beach, the last snow storm caused schools to make-up snow days on Saturdays.

But a student has started an online petition to get school officials to change that.

Last week, Beach school officials decided students will make up snow days by attending classes on three Saturdays.

Those Saturdays are February 15, March 29, and April 26.

Some parents told NewsChannel 3 they are okay with the plan - others say it does not make much sense.

Some argue Saturday is for family time, and that kids have other activities they need to do.

Salem High School Junior, Katherine Meixel, started this petition, hoping to get school officials to change their minds.

It states why students should not attend school on Saturdays and offers other solutions.

At last check, close to 3,000 people had signed the petition. The goal was 2,500 signatures.

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  • momof2

    After looking at the school calendar I was shocked to see that March 28th was a teacher work day and that kids were to go to school on March 29th as a makeup day. That makes zero sense. I do NOT plan on sending my kids to school on Saturdays (especially when the day before is a teacher work day).

  • Wanda

    Get over it.. If you don’t want to send your child to school on a Saturday then don’t. Be happy they are not taking the children’s spring break or extending the school.

  • Tanya

    Don’t send your kids to school if you don’t agree with the school system, just have your kids make up the work on their own time.

  • Winnie

    I understand they have three extra built-in days in the school year to keep ahead of the curve. So this makes zero sense. It looks like it’s a financial problem not a educational problem. Surprise surprise!
    With that being said all the teachers, bus drivers etc. have been contracted a full day pay for teacher workday mandatory meetings etc. which they opted to you has a snow day
    My first question would be ,financially what will the cost be to make up a full day for every single teacher bus driver administration etc. and the Virginia Beach schools
    Secondly and more importantly when is the next election!!!!!!!!!!

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