Taking action to find the dog that killed Beach family’s Yorkie

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The owner of the dog that killed a six pound yorkie will most likely face charges.

But first Virginia Beach Animal Control officers say they need the community to take action and help them track down the man and his dog and possibly help provide closure to 32-year-old Kristen Dowdy.

"He's my buddy and I told him, Stoley you're my best friend too," Kristen described.

Four-year-old Stoley also meant a lot to Kristen's mom, Kathy.

She was the one walking him along the beach near their home when it all happened.

Kathy says Stoley's attacker was a mostly white Staffordshire terrier mix with large black spots.

Animal control officers say they believe the dog was female and wearing a black harness at the time.

"Cases like this are tragic and we hate hearing about them,” said Animal Control Spokesperson, Wayne Gilbert.

They're cases, Gilbert says, Animal Control takes very seriously.

Believe it or not, the dog's owner didn't do anything wrong by letting his pet off-leash.

That's because, Gilbert says, the city's leash law doesn't apply to public beaches this time of year.

However, whether on a leash or off, he says you must keep control over your pet at all times.

"Allowing the dog to jump on somebody or to jump on another dog or attack another dog like in this case are certainly circumstances where we would be looking to charge for failing to maintain control over the pet," Gilbert explained.

In the meantime, the Dowdy family is trying to come to terms with what happened, especially Kristen who has Down syndrome.

"Her friends aren't like mine. You can't jump in the car and run off with them and go to the movies and do the things that normal young adults do and so there was a special bond between her and that little dog," said Kathy.

Animal Control officers ask anyone with any information that could help them find Stoley’s attacker and its owner to call Crime Solvers at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.


Beach woman says dog was attacked and killed by another dog


  • Caryll Randall

    My daughter dog was attacked last year by 2 pit bulls, Her dog died a few days later!! Its time there was a law whereby pit bulls should be required to wear a muzzle when out in public.

  • Sherry A Flemming

    hey, how about focusing on ALL dogs…AND bad owners…not just a specific breed…..i am sorry about your daughters dog its a horrible thing to lose a pet….BUT its time people started realizing people are the problem not just the dogs…..

  • Kristine

    Perhaps those who make broad brush statements and display ignorance in public comment sections of news articles should be muzzled as well.

  • nick

    Any breed of dog is capable of injuring other dogs and people. Everyone just likes to pick on ‘pit-bull” type dogs. I have 20 pound pug who is 9 years old & a 2 year old pitbull who is 60 pounds and they do just fine. If she barks at something, he will run up and stand with her for “back-up”. Certain people need to be muzzled or even better handcuffed.

  • REB

    My cat was killed in my yard by two pit bulls running loose. My mom and my dog were attacked a few months later by another pit bull whenwalking just a few houses away. Two attacks = Two Pit bulls. Just sayin’.

  • s

    I wish the best for both parties involved.My sister has the same type YORKIE,however,they are so cute the males & the females.Now,one thing I always heard her say is that, NOEY,who is a female,will bark at large size dogs and will also try to pull away to get near them,during the time shes taking her out to do her bathroom business.I also have a friend that has the same type of YORKIE,his name is BOOGIE.Now,he acts like a pitbull.HE will bark at folks like crazy,and if you let him off the leash,you can forget it.It really amazes me because both YORKIES aren’t scared of nothing,no matter the size,their IQ is better than a humans and of any other dog I ever seen.They are BOTH very territorial!I don’t think the owner of the other dog meant for anything of this nature to happen.Being that the girl has some mental issues,I’m sad for her.I hope an organization could find her the exact YORKIE!Because yorkies are very very expensive dogs!

  • H. Millet

    All dogs should be treated individually. BUT I do believe there should be stricter leash laws and they should be enforced. People don’t seem to understand that training ones dog is necessary and that even “friendly” dogs can bite or get bit if they run up on another dog. Both my puggle and pit mix have been bit by “friendly” dogs that were off leash (illegally). Owners need to be responsible.

  • H. Millet

    Also, I would think a description of the owner would be a pertinent piece of information to include in the report. A black and white possible bully breed dog is pretty common, people are a little more specific.

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