Cheerios brings back famous interracial family for Super Bowl ad

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The interracial family that won the hearts of millions in a Cheerios ad – and sparked many racist comments on YouTube – will be back for the Super Bowl. The mother, father and cute daughter will appear in another 30-second ad during the game, with a ‘clever, knowing nod to the earlier controversy’ according to Adweek.

Racist comments strike new Cheerios ad on YouTube
Video: Kids react to interracial Cheerios commercial

The initial ad has been viewed nearly 5 million times on YouTube, and Cheerios won many fans after it was forced to turn off commenting on the clip due to racist posts.

It’s hard to imagine Cheerios handling a sequel any more deftly than this. It obliquely references the earlier controversy, but by embracing a simpler story that has nothing to do with it, it suggests the controversy was dumb to begin with—that this is just America now, and families like this are just like everyone else, with better things to worry about.

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  • Jen

    umm they are actors not a real family- personally it didnt bother me at all…then again im not a racist or closet racist like so many are apparently. I didn’t care for or dislike the commercial…I had not real opinion on it besides thinking the kid was chunky

  • Patsy

    Yessssss! Thank you for taking down the racist comments. Also the comment about the little girl being”chunky” was not necessary, and just stupid. Love you Cheerios!

  • Miss Donna

    Gracie will be a great big sister. And she’s getting the puppy she’s apparently been asking for. Her expression at the end is hilarious! The only thing missing is a finger-snap wave. LOL. Can’t wait for Cherries to introduce the little guy next year

    As for the kids’ reactions, it’s encouraging that they had no clue about the controversy associated with the commercial. It speaks volumes about what’s being taught (or in this case, not being taught) in a cross-section of our homes. Hats off to General Mills.

  • Miss Donna

    Can’t wait for CherriOs — not Cherries– to introduce the little guy next year. (Dang-blast that auto-fill feature! Argh!!)

  • Norma bennett

    As a grandmother of a bi-racial grandson … He is just a sweet loving and I love him as much as I love his other 3 brothers and sister which in white . I don’t see a color on him … He is my sweet lil grandson equal to the others . It is time people see COLOR as just that a color ? My grandson to me is my heart .. And it really is sad that people can’t see that …I LOVE THE FACT THAT CHERRIOES SHOW THE REAL WORLD . PEOPLE THIS IS THE WAY OF LIFE IT WILL CONTINUE MAYBE THIS IS GODS WAY TO MAKE EVERYONE THE SAME I DONT KNOW BUT A CHILD IS A CHILD AND MIXED FAMILIES HAS BEEN GOING ON FOR MANY MANY MANY YEARS JUST THE WORLD MADE IT HARD TO BE PROUD OF THEIR FAMILY .. BI -RACIAL CHILDREN HAD TO BE HIDDEN away like there was a a infectious disease? So glad it isn’t thT way anymore BECAUSE I AM PROUD TO TAKE MY GRANDSON ANYWHERE ANYTIME AND HOLD MY HEAD HIGH AND SAY … THIS IS MY LIL MAN ISNT HE SO HANDSOME . Time forthe world to see our babies are a blessing straight from godNO MATTER WHAT , thanks again CHERRIOES for these commercial keep them coming! And for the ones that THAT SAYS SHE IS CHUNKY GET OVER YOURSELVES SHE IS A HEALTHY WELL TAKEN CAREK OFLIL GIRL WITH 2 PARENTS THAT LOVE HER AND TAKE CARE OF HER … SHE IS BEAUTIFUL

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