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Four adults plead guilty to assaulting teen in Isle of Wight

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A case in Isle of Wight County in which a 15-year-old girl was tied to a tree and had eggs and beer thrown at her by adults, has now wrapped up.

The last of the four suspects made his final court appearance this week.

As part of a plea agreement, Ross Renicker pleaded guilty Wednesday to assault and battery, in exchange, his felony abduction charge was dropped.

Margaret Allen's case had the same outcome last month.

As for Loretta and Randall Miller, who are the teen’s legal guardians according to deputies, in exchange for a guilty plea for assault, the felony abduction charge for each was lowered to a misdemeanor.

The assault took place at the Big Bear Family Campground in Windsor in April.

According to a criminal complaint, someone staying at the campground called the Sheriff's Department after seeing what happened.

All four involved in the case are now out of jail.  The jail time they were sentenced to was suspended except for the time they already served.

They have since left the area, according to the owners of the campground.


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NewsChannel 3 reached out to them for comment over the phone.  We are waiting to hear back from the Millers, Allen declined and Renicker could not be located.

The only explanation of what happened is part of a criminal complaint, which states that during the investigation, Allen and Loretta Miller said it was "all in fun."

They are not allowed to have any contact with the teen with the exception of Loretta Miller.  Miller is allowed only if authorized by the Department of Social Services.