New gym creates a safe space for children with special needs in Williamsburg

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WILLIAMSBURG, Va. - Mother Natalie Spencer said she's been having a hard time finding a place for her children to play.

"You can usually find something, but they might be bounce houses or things like that that are more for the older kids so I was looking for something for both of my children," Spencer said.

Now she can take her 5-year-old and 18 month old daughter to have fun.

Spencer said, "I think it's a great place. I like that there's something--a variety of things for kids, all kids, any abilities."

Children with special needs can join in the fun as well.

Parents at We The Spectrum no longer have to apologize for their children's behaviors.

"As a parent of a child who has special needs you find yourself going to play places and you're like--I'm sorry I'm sorry he's doing this, I'm sorry we have to leave," said We The Spectrum owner, Lena White.

The gym has non-threatening play equipment, providing stimulation and strengthens children's coordination.

White added, "It is designed for children who have been to occupational therapy. They would very much know the equipment and know how to use the equipment so it actually empowers them to model their play with other neurotypical children."

All of the play equipment works on children's sensory input. For an example, when a kid sits in the hammock swing it makes them feel calm and keeps them focused.

We Rock the Spectrum allows all children to play and co exists in the same area.

"My child can learn compassion and understanding and differences from kids with disabilities and they can learn other ways to play from my kids," said Spencer.