Kaine may face challenge from conservative radio host

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Conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham confirmed Tuesday she is considering running against Democrat Tim Kaine for his Senate seat.

Ingraham made the announcement on Fox News.

She said she hasn’t made any official decision but said, “a number of folks in Virginia who are well connected are very interested in my running and that’s very flattering.”

Ingraham has never held office, but did work as a speechwriter in the Reagan administration. She later graduated from UVA law school.

Ingraham used her radio show to support Dave Brat, who unseated House Majority Eric Cantor in 2014 in Virginia’s 7th congressional district. Brat is also considered a possible challenger to Kaine.

Kaine announced he was running for reelection next year after he and Hillary Clinton lost their White House bid.

Kaine previously served as Governor, Lt. Governor and Mayor of Richmond.