Blaine’s Box Office: The Magnificent Seven

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Magnificent... that might be a stretch.

There's nothing inherently bad about The Magnificent Seven, a reboot of the original 1960s western. It's just that the movie falls short on so many levels. That's sad, because there are so many ridiculously talented actors in this film: Ethan Hawke, Chris Pratt, Denzel-freaking-Washington!

The Magnificent Seven almost feels like some famous actors got together one night for some drinks, decided it would be fun to make a western movie, then forgot about it until the day the shooting started and just did a bunch of cliches for 90 minutes.

I could think of a few different "M" words, other than magnificent, to describe this movie: mediocre, marginal and meh come to mind.

I give The Magnificent Seven... 2 out of 5 Blaines,