North Carolina, Colorado governors make friendly wager over Super Bowl 50

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North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory and Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper have made a friendly wager over Super Bowl 50.

The Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers will play in the NFL Championship Game on Sunday, February 7th.

If the Panthers win, Governor Hickenlooper has offered to donate 50 Osprey backpacks filled with school supplies to a North Carolina shelter, and 50 cases of Pueblo Salsa made with Pueblo’s famous chiles, provided by Milberger Farms, Musso Farms, Pueblo County and the Pueblo Chamber of Commerce, 500 boxes of crackers from 34 Degrees Crackers and 500 packages of sausages from Continental Sausage to be donated to a food bank in North Carolina. He will add a dog food donation to an animal shelter as well.

If the Broncos win, Governor McCrory has offered to donate 50 cases of North Carolina turkey burgers and 50 cases of North Carolina turkey sausages to a Colorado food bank, and will add a donation of dog food to an animal shelter. The turkey products will be provided by North Carolina-based Butterball, LLC.

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (left) & Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper (right) have made a friendly wager for Super Bowl 50

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory (left) & Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper (right) have made a friendly wager for Super Bowl 50

“This Broncos team has proven time and time again that they know how to overcome challenges,” said Hickenlooper. “The Carolina Panthers are certainly a formidable foe, but they will simply be another challenge that our Broncos will overcome in Super Bowl 50. Peyton Manning, DeMarcus Ware, Pat Bowlen and the entire Broncos team deserve a championship to cap a season that will be remembered as nothing short of magical.”

“I predict the Panthers will win 33-10,” predicted McCrory. “The Broncos may have one of the best defenses in the league, but they haven’t faced Cam Newton and his offense yet.  I fully expect the Carolina Panthers to be Super Bowl 50 Champions.  I am good friends with Governor Hickenlooper, but his team will be on the losing end this time.”

Hickenlooper and McCrory will both attend the game to personally cheer on their hometown teams at Levi’s Stadium. They plan to get together before the game on Sunday. The two governors have known each other since they were mayors; Hickenlooper was the mayor of Denver and McCrory was the mayor of Charlotte.