Family, friends remember Hampton New Year’s Eve homicide one year later

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Family and friends of the two Hampton men killed last year on New Years Eve gathered tonight for a vigil tonight to remember the victims.

Twenty-year-old Kenneth Jake Wilson and Donivan Walker Junior were at Woodland Skate Park in Hampton when they got into an altercation with another teen.

Witnesses say the teen left on a bike and returned with a gun. He shot Walker and Wilson. Walker died at the scene and Wilson died later in the hospital.

Police have charged 16-year-old Jordyn Charity with their murder.

Lindsay Tibbett, girlfriend of Wilson, says she hopes this vigil will help to bring in 2015 on a more positive note considering last year was spent mourning.



  • omission of truth is the same as a lie

    “Family, friends remember Hampton New Year’s Eve homicide one year later”

    But they failed to remember that they were a couple of low-level thug drug dealers who had a history bullying the kid and stole his bike. Not saying what he did was the way to solve the problem but these important facts have always been conveniently left out of the stories about this.

    • CryMea River

      Yeah , the 2 deceased teens were constantly tormenting the shooter. It’s sad that they had to die over it, but this clearly is a case of pushing someone too far over the edge.

      • omission of truth is the same as a lie

        Yep. Exactly my point. The incident that led to the shooting was the kid confronting them about stealing and disassembling his bike. The one kid was riding a bike with parts from the shooter’s. Those two weren’t even at the park to ride or skate, just there to make a few last-minute deals before the NYE parties started. They pushed the kid too far one last time. Everybody wants to mourn their passing and hold vigils but they don’t want to admit what they were, and why they were there in the first place. Just because they had a lot of friends doesn’t make them any less the trash thugs they were.

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