Squatters move into man’s house, change locks and refuse to leave 

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Portland, Ore. — A man who recently purchased a home was surprised to learn a family had moved ahead of him and changed the locks.

Rod Nylund said he learned of the occupants, presumably squatters, last week when a contractor arrived at the home to find it occupied, according to KPTV. Nylund called police and confronted the occupants, but the police officer said there was nothing he could do.

Nyuland’s realtor discovered the couple had also started utility services in their names.

“It’s kind of like buying a car and you walk out to get in it and somebody’s sitting in there,” Nylund said.

Neighbors told KPTV the couple recently moved in after the home had been vacant for several months.

Nylund has offered the occupants money to move out, without success.

The home’s occupants declined to comment.

An attorney told KPTV the homeowner will have to go to court and file a forcible entry and detainer action.


  • aaron

    ok so let me get this straight……..a home is on the market for sale, and is currently vacant. a family decides they somehow have the right to move into this vacant home without paying a dime for it, change the locks (they clearly know they aren’t allowed there), and refuse to leave the home when the man who paid for it and rightfully owns the home tells them to leave, and the police cant do anything about it? that doesn’t make any sense. how can the police not do anything? how is it a family can just waltz into a home they do not own and live there? my neighbor could call the cops, lie to them that I have a meth lab in my home, and a swat team will show up in about an hour, kick my door down, and tear everything in my home apart to look for said meth lab, then leave when they don’t find anything. and yet the cops cant do anything about a family that moves into a home they did not pay for, and tell the rightful owner ‘sorry there is nothing we can do’. there is something seriously wrong with the way things are done in this country. that family needs to grow up, set some morals for themselves, and do the right thing and move out. if they did not purchase that home, then they have no right to be there. it makes me wonder if they are even legal citizens, or are they illegal immigrants? what absolute scumbags. you have to be a real lowlife to move into a home you didn’t pay for, and then tell the man who did purchase the home to take a hike. they changed the locks knowing this would happen. isn’t it trespassing? and the cops cant do anything. what a joke.

    • goatty

      Why don’t they take the camera up to the door and ask the squatters why they took over the home? They would probably not answer the door, but I see no indication that they did or did not try.

  • Rattlecan

    It don’t work that way here in FL. my Friends farm house is about 50 miles outside of Panima city she lives in Tampa Fl. and there were 5 sqatters living on her farm they stole several items including 2 farm tractors. The cops told her she could evict them with a $250 eviction slip and wait 30 more days but without wittnesses to the thieft he could not help, or if she had some friends who were not afraid to come in and clean out the trash for her he was sure they would not call him back out there for help
    The clean up was conducted in the wee hours of the morning when 14 motorcycles pulled up and all around the house kicked the doors in and did what needed to be done we um they were also able to re-treve 1 of the farm tractors from a local meth head
    It’s all in how bad you want to keep what’s yours

  • Juan Abee

    You dont have criminal trespass laws in USA?.They would have about 3 minutes to get out in Canada when the police were called and he showed legal ownership and “squatters rights” start at about 20 years of continuously occupying a place if you can prove it and afford 25K in lawyers

  • LB

    Wait till they leave the house, grocery store work whatever. Break in change the locks. Your house again. And leave the utilities on till they turn them off only fair for the back rent they owe the owner.

  • Tina Taylor

    the new owner should have been able to cancel the sale, the seller may not have meant to sell under false pretenses but this is what happens. the squatters should not have any rights. they entered illegally and in many cases cause all kinds of damage. I have to wonder, should NO TRESSPASSING signs in multiple languages be posted in the windows of vacant homes?

  • Brooke

    I would show up with all my family and friends, and guns and advise them that they’re moving out NOW. We’d even offer to help them pack.

  • Craig Wood

    Why can’t the owners just go in and toss them out? How can the illegal tenants have any rights? Wait it this America and doing anything illegal is legal????

  • S T

    i agree with FL. This isn’t happening on the east coast. Seems the laws on the west coast are ridiculous – nothing to protect the homeowner and everything to protect the derelick!! What are you people thinking????????? Or not!!!!!!!!! The same thing happened to us with a property we owned in CA! The owner of this house should decide he needs to upgrade the plumbing and cut off the water lines to the house. This repair may take some time…………. See how long they can live without water.

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