Watch: Whale scares, taunts and teases kids at aquarium

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Mystic, Ct. – Michelle Cotton, her son and a few friends had quite an experience with a beluga whale at Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut and it’s now going viral.

In the video, the children can be seen playing with Juno, who decides to have a turn himself.

The aquarium said the young whale was not showing aggression and this is a form of play for the creature.

This is not Juno’s first viral video. He was also the whale featured in the mariachi band video that has been watched over 3 million times.

Cotton recently posted the video to America’s Funniest Videos Facebook Page and shared the story behind the clip:

“I met a friend on a support group on Facebook for our kids’ mutual rare genetic disorder. We met up so the kids could get to know someone else with the same horrible disorder. When we went to the aquarium that day, the beluga whale, I think his name was Juno, teased our kids,” she wrote.

Cotton said she posted the video on the aquarium’s Facebook page last year, but she never heard anything. About a week ago, someone found the video and shared it on Facebook and it’s taken off.


  • Mitch

    Well, who the heck cares if the poor taunted whale is being aggressive? It’s not like he is able to bite the kids.
    Good grief

  • Carl David Pflanzer

    I think it’s so cute, kids are just playing and the whale decided to have a little fun! Lighten up people!

    • Mitch

      The author of the article is the one who needs to “lighten up”. Why mention the animal wasn’t acting aggressively?
      It looked like playing to me, too. Of course, how would I know? I’m a human.
      I still stand by my comments. If the animal was acting aggressively, what would be the issue?

  • Gloria

    Beluga whales are like pilot whales and dolphins. Playful and fun. No harm, no fowl. I thought this was cute, funny and harmless. The kids seem not to have been traumatized. .I have seen it several times and I laugh out loud each time. I think I like this one better than the belugas and the mariachis!

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