Mid-Currituck Bridge to the OBX: Will it be built?

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The Outer Banks summer beach traffic on the Wright Memorial Bridge is avoided by locals at all costs.

“During the week it’s fine, but on the weekend, it’s impossible,” said John Manoli, who lives in Kill Devil Hills.

“We never cross that bridge on the weekends, we actually rarely leave our house on Saturday or Sunday just because that traffic is horrendous,” said Bethany Doyle, who lives in Southern Shores.

For years, the Mid-Currituck Bridge has been considered the solution to the Outer Banks gridlock.

Stretching from the Currituck mainland to Corolla, it would give a second alternative to crossing the Currituck sound.

“It would probably take my commute down to 15 minutes,” said Jana Daneker, who lives on Belle Island in Currituck County, and commutes all the way around to Duck for work.

“It would be life changing--so much easier and convenient,” said Doyle.

But that bridge dream is slowly fading away.

Back in May, North Carolina transportation officials announced the project did not qualify for state money under their new priority funding formula.

Currituck County leaders say the formula favors more urban areas of the state.

Without state money, the private company who was going to build the bridge now has the option to back out of the project.

“Having lived in Currituck for 25 years, I think we all talk about the bridge, and we basically just assume it’s never going to happen,” said Daneker.

In addition, because the state pulled their funding, the bridge would be built with mostly private money--and would bring a hefty toll.

“I don't want to pay a toll,” said Daneker.

North Carolina now has the option to continue their contract with the private developer, hoping the bridge can still be built in the future, or they have the option of canceling it.

That decision is expected to be made before the end of the year.


  • Aydlett Local Gal

    I have lived in the Aydlett area (proposed site of said bridge) my entire life. It’s a beautiful, peaceful, sweet little village of families. I do not feel like I should have to give up my peace simply because someone who lives on the beach does not want to deal with the traffic that the beach actually brings..And if you live on the mainland and drive to the beach for work, didn’t you know what you were going to have to deal with as far as traffic when you moved here, when you took that job in the middle of a tourist resort? How about widening the road to Duck? I don’t get it .Or how about a bridge from Bells Island to Corolla? Hmmmm….sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? And don’t even tell me that it’s for emergency evacuations as you can see by both statements above, it’s much more a matter of convenience. I can’t get out on the highway on Friday, Saturday or Sunday either, but I’m used to it, It’s how we’ve been living for years. I’m fine with it, thank you. Please think of other people as you would think of yourselves, would you want that in your front yard?

    • Jana Daneker

      Aydlett local gal,
      I actually DID say on camera that I completely understood why people in Aydlett wouldn’t want it because it was so peaceful and beautiful. I also mentioned that it could affect the environment in the sound that we all love so much. I mentioned both the pros and the cons of it in a 15 minute conversation. Unfortunately, they only chose to air my comments in a way that portrayed it simply as a matter of convenience. Your perception of my views are wrong. I do accept my commute and knew it when I took the job. It was a choice I made for my family and it sure is a long ride. It is true that I wish I could get back that time to spend with my family. And they did ask me how much it would shorten it. It was only one point of a long conversation. And I didn’t “move here” to take the job…..I have lived here and the changes in the economy made it a necessary job to take. I understand your passion about Aydlett, it is certainly a blessed place to live! You are very fortunate to have that incredible view. But try not to judge people without knowing them ;) I did not respond lightly, or one-sided, to a topic that causes understandable division and I do understand your point of view. It is unfortunate that it was edited that way for the segment.
      Jana Daneker

      • Aydlett Local Gal

        Appreciate you taking the time to clear up what you really feel. I also worked in Duck, driving there everyday was horrible, but I knew it was a necessary evil. I meant no disrespect to you, I am just so finished with this ridiculous attempt to turn Aydlett into the same circus as the beach. I live here because I love it here, it is where I was born, I never chose to have to deal with this traffic mess. It is a shame. I was not judging a person I did not know, I was going by the statements you made to a TV camera….I can only go by what I hear come out of your mouth! No disrespect intended.

  • Aydlett Local Gal

    Pratically the same as a bridge in Aydlett…..seriously? Carolyn, do you know where Aydlett or Waterlilly are?

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