Documents show teen who murdered 2 Warwick High students used 12-gauge shotgun

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Newport News, Va. - The name of the double murder suspect who killed two teens and shot a third has been uncovered by NewsChannel 3 from search warrants filed in Newport News Circuit Court.

Police arrested and charged 17-year-old David James Hosley in the shooting deaths of Warwick High School students Bryant Wilder Jr. and John Nieves, Jr.

The search warrants show officers took a sample of his DNA to compare to evidence left at the Saunders Elementary School crime scene.

According to court documents, Hosley used a 12-gauge shotgun to kill the two teens and shoot a third boy, who is still in the hospital.

Two different witnesses confirmed to police they saw Hosley pull the trigger.

But what court documents don't show is why police don't mention a motive at all.

Investigators say it all started just before 1:30 Thursday morning when they got a 911 call from the third boy, saying he was shot, and that his friends needed help back in the parking lot of Saunders Elementary.

When they got there, both Nieves and Wilder were dead, their bodies found next to a bicycle by the basketball courts.

Now Hosley is facing several charges, including two counts of murder, one count of aggravated malicious wounding, and possession of a firearm on school property, by a convicted felon.

Court records did not show what his past crimes were.

But NewsChannel 3 is learning Hosley is the second person in his family to face murder charges.

His father, David James Hosley Sr., is now in the Powhatan Correctional Center, serving time for a murder he committed in April of 2000, 14 years ago.

His son was only 3 back then.

Hosley Jr.’s next court date will be in September.


  • Richard Bryant

    You’ve got alot to say but won’t use your real name? K. Cool. Will the white community ever stop being cowards? Doubt it.

    • a human

      Down fall of our kind? We have the same blood just like you do. Walk the same streets, breath the same air. You are “our kind”. Until we stop pointing the finger and come TOGETHER to stop this is not going to change. Regardless is your white black orange or blue.

  • sept

    Its a shame the kids that were shot are the ones being bashed. I love you john and bryant. I wish this wasnt real , i wish it was a dream. I will miss you both so much…

  • a human

    They weren’t known potheads . Did you know them ? Oh okay… wrong place, wrong time. Every child is an angel. Some are mislead but they were good kids. This has nothing to do with race or anything. But they are gone let them have peace.

    • HeDinDoNuffin

      Oh really? Just take a quick look at their Facebook or Instagram, that’ll show you that they were potheads.

  • a human

    He was white. This is Virginia not any other state. We don’t have to riot and burn and destroy. Justice will come . The truth will be told. Don’t be ignorant

  • CiCi

    You could be the most involved and loving parent in the world and have no control over the actions of other people. As parents, we strive to protect and shelter our children from all the evil in the world. It’s a feeble attempt because the moment you put them on that school bus, the moment they walk out your front door and the moment you close your eyes, it is beyond your control. These parents were loving parents who raised good boys. Teenage boys who made a poor decision and ended up at the wrong place at the wrong time. Life is all about decisions, and as parents we can only hope that our children will make more good ones than bad ones. They say it takes a village to raise a child, with ignorant villagers such as yourself and CRYMEA RIVER living in it, making those good decisions challenging. Before you comment, think about the grief, horror and pain that these parents are going through. The pain of losing a child…the graduations they should have attended, the grandchildren they should have held, the many memories stripped away from them. I hope that you never experience such agony and despair.

  • ME

    That’s kind of tasteless, in the news report video – showing the fireman hosing the poor kids’ blood off the playground? That’s the kind of low-class garbage I’d expect from WAVY. And your on-air reporter looks like a transvestite. When did TKR’s standards drop so low?

  • wilder fam

    Thats my cousin you are calling a pothead and a thug which he wan NEITHER!! Have some sympathy for the victims families that are still here left to mourn a senseless crime NO MATTER HOW IGNORANT YOUR OPINION IS!!!

  • Kimberly Fenton

    Actually DLO not according to FBI records. If you even watched the news every night just on what goes on in our area you would see who does the majority of the crimes. Only this time it happens to be very different, and this is extremely rare for this area. Looks like in that kids family murder is a genetic trait.
    Any child can sneak out of the house at night. That doesn’t make a parent a bad parent. I know a parent that knew his kids were sneaking out so he put an ADT system on the doors in his house. He didn’t realize he should have put it on the upstairs windows as well. I use to watch the kids slide down the upstairs window and jump onto the room of the garage to the ground. They thought their kids were safely in bed. Good grief a parent has to sleep some time. Some times teens will say I’m spending the night at Dave’s house. Dave tells his parents he’s spending the night at Jim’s house. Dave and Jim are both free to run the streets all night simply because mom or dad assume the child is at the other child’s house. I could go on and on about how teens do what they do but that’s just a few things to think on, and to stop blaming the parents. Two kids are dead because of the mistake THEY made. I just hope the parents aren’t blaming themselves. Maybe this will be a lesson to save more kids from the same fate.

  • LongLiveBryant

    I honestly don’t like how people are just talking about them like they were some kind of hoodlums, they were two young man, still in school & working towards their future. But for y’all to base their deaths off them having a thuggish mentality is foolish. You really need to rethink that if anything the one that shot & killed them has a wanna be thuggish mentality, nowadays people don’t care if your innocent or not but for y’all to think that them two really had someone after them, your wrong. Them two touched many lives. But just crazy how someone can disrespect them & their parents behind a unknown identity but will not come out their mouth in front of their families. Oh, and hasn’t your mothers taught you’ll some manners and or respect, if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all. By the way tell ya parents I said nice parenting for raising some fools & I just want y’all to remember its always two sides to a story.

  • greg

    Like I said on the previous coverage on this “tragedy”, my parents always told me “nothing good happens on the streets after dark”. Obviously that still holds true today as evidence by this double murder at 1:30 in the morning on a weeknight. What were these “upstanding citizens or aspiring youths” doing on the streets at 1:30 A.M.? Could they have been looking for a part time summer job? Or maybe they were helping each other with their summer school homework. Is this what parents are teaching their kids these days that it is a wise and appropriate decision to be out walking the streets in the middle of the night? Maybe if they had a summer job, they would have been sleeping getting rest to go to their job in the morning. It’s high time that people stop relying on the Kardashians, Big Brother, and Teen Mom to teach our children the values and responsibilities that should be instilled at home. the Of course it is a tragedy whenever anyone is murdered. However, to say that some intervention and some proper parenting would have prevented this from ever happening.

    • Nicole

      Greg how do you know they weren’t being good parents. I work in the social services field with at-risk youth and their families. I’ve seen parents go above and beyond their duty as parents to make sure their kids are safe and out of trouble. Guess what, that doesn’t always work. Kids are going to do what they want at that age. You can’t blame the parents and you don’t know what goes on in their home to say this. They could be doing everything eight but the kids will still do what they want. It’s not fair to start blaming the parents. It’s bad enough they lost a child, they don’t need someone telling them he died because of their poor parenting skills. Especially when non of know if they were good parents or not.

  • LitosFam

    Hey HeDinDoNuffin, I dare you to attend the funeral for our Lito or his friend Bryant. Then maybe, you will hear stories from the families and friends, those who really know the victims and are affected by this tragedy, and how neither of these boys will ever get to accomplish their full potential. Yet no one is speaking about the low life pos shooter who stole their dreams.

  • Litos fan

    “HeDinDoNuffin”? Sounds like some disease. You know what, I’d rather be a so-called “pothead” than an F’in cowardice murderer like the POS David James Hosley (The killer that took their lives). Takes after his DA father. If you believe that the Hosley’s had good parenting skills, then you’re dumber than the DA name you gave yourself on this forum.

  • B5

    Your right I know him he just got out of trouble about a month ago and look his brother has child neglect charges on him now so your right just a little coward his brother same way the parents think they are angles pathetic if you ask me justice will come for both of them wish the parents could get some to so to the kids rip and the parents of the too that were killed iam so sorry

  • jennifer

    To Crymea river, please don’t leave another comment cause its evident that you are very ignorant!! People of all races kill!! Murder knows no race!! Its ashame that two young people are dead, we don’t know the full story so let’s let the families mourn without pointing fingers and if and when u have children lets hope that since you show your prejudice that nothing like this ever happens to yours. A lot of times the way something appears isnot the case at all!! So stop judging and have some respect for the grieving families!! OOPS!! THATS RIGHT !YOU DONT HAVE ANY!!!

  • jennifer

    To crymea river, remember now, HUSH! Shhhhhhh! The bible says no weapons formed against me shall prosper!! No weapons formed against anyone shall prosper! Be careful what the tongue says cause god created us all AND GOD DONT LIKE UGLY and if you are prejudiced then that means you don’t like god cause none of US chose to be the color we are, god chose! So who u Mad at?? GOD?? THE NERVE OF U TO MAKE PREDJUDICE STATEMENTS when families are mourning!!SO COLD OF YOU CAUSE THATS STILL 2 LIVES LOST! I FEEL SORRY FOR YOU!!

  • herbie handcock

    so what if they were pot smokers? There are a lot of respectable upstanding citizens that smoke pot currently or at least smoked pot when there were teenagers. good lord it’s like because they smoked a little pot then their death is justifiable. i hope the kid that killed them gets his throat slit in jail by a rusty prison shank.

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