CO of USS Newport News relieved of duty at Naval Station Norfolk after domestic assault arrest

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Norfolk, Va. – The commanding officer of the Los Angeles-class attack submarine USS Newport News was relieved of duty on Friday by the commander of Submarine Squadron 6 at Naval Station Norfolk. The action comes just a week after he was arrested on domestic assault charges in Chesapeake.

According to the Navy, Cmdr. Christopher Tarsa was relieved of command by Capt. Paul Snodgrass due to a loss of confidence in his ability to serve effectively as commanding officer.

Chesapeake Police say Tarsa was charged with domestic assault after an incident with his spouse on August 9th. The incident reportedly started in a vehicle in a parking lot near Greenbrier Road and Kempsville Road and eventually led to a home where the report was taken.

Tarsa assumed command of Newport News on Aug. 2, 2013. He has been administratively reassigned to the staff of Commander, Submarine Force Atlantic.

Cmdr. Roger Meyer, deputy commander at Submarine Squadron 6, has assumed command of Newport News until a permanent replacement is named. Meyer previously commanded USS Miami (SSN 755).


  • Timmy McFadden

    If his wife is anything like my ex-wife, it’s a false allegation. Women do that a lot to leverage a better outcome in divorce court (so that they can get alimony, child support, the house, half the military retirement and the pleasure of trashing your personal and professional reputation). My ex wife is a school teacher in Hampton Roads. Even though I never touched her, she got the house, all the savings, kept her 401K intact, and half my military retirement. I can’t honestly think of a single good reason why any young man should get married these days. No shortage of gold-diggers out there.

    • Leslie

      My husband (now deceased) used to put his hands on me, because he felt that it was his job to ‘discipline me and keep me in line’. He went to the middle east, and conveniently died, and that left me $400,000 richer. So I did get compensation for my heartache. I haven’t remarried, and I never will. Marriage is nothing but a piece of paper, and I’ve got three kids to support.

  • Rick

    The key here is that it says he was “charged” with domestic assault, not “convicted”. We do not know the facts of the case, so should we really comment on the case? I agree that domestic assault is bad, as well as any other kind of assault. However, not knowing the facts here does not allow us to elaborate on this issue. The Navy is just doing it’s typical knee jerk reaction to any issue to cover their own butts.

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