Teen arrested in double homicide in parking lot of Newport News elementary school

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Newport News, Va. - Thursday morning, two Warwick High School students were shot and killed. They have been identified as 16-year-old Bryant Wilder and 17-year-old John Neives.

Detectives have arrested and charged a 17-year-old Newport News male in connection with this case. He has been charged with two counts of second degree murder and one count each of use of a firearm in the commission of a felony and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Classes start in just a few weeks at Warwick High School, and students have to walk the halls without two of their classmates. Erica Linde, who was a teacher there for 10 years, knows that feeling all too well.

"When I heard this morning, I just felt a surge of sadness go through my body and my head just said not again," Linde says, "I mean it's being really rough. You know you have a student in your classroom one day and the next day they've been shot and killed."

Linde taught English at Warwick for 10 years. The violence was so prevalent; she says she'd incorporate discussions about murder and suicide into her literature lessons.

"If parents aren't going to step up and have these conversations with their students then I feel like it's my duty to step up and have these conversations," she says.

With year after year of empty desks in her classroom, Linde say it got to be too much.

"There have just been one to two deaths per year and it just kind of took its toll,” she says. “It took its toll on my emotional state."

With every death, grief counselors would come in and talk with students, while faculty and staff relied on each other for help.

"We just hold the students' hands and get them through it and you know we're struggling as well."

Linde decided she needed to move on from Warwick. This year she's will teach at a charter high school in Newport News.

"It makes me sad for Warwick because they are starting out the year with such a tragedy," Linde says.  “You wish you would've been able to maybe reach them a little bit more but you can't think like that."


  • iqdou

    not again! Here’s something people should do that might save some lives…..when the sun goes down GET IN THE HOUSE FOR THE NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

    • Beachlake

      Its beyond heartbreaking to find out a childhood friend of mine has passed and another hospitalized right outside of my neighborhood. The violence has to stop!! High school students should not be dying!!

  • aasssg

    This is getting out of hand!!! I’m not raising any children in this cruel world… until I know for sure some things are gonna change.

  • CryMea River

    The parents should face child neglect charges. Letting your kids run the streets at all hours of the night should be a crime.


      Maybe it should be however that doesn’t change the FACT that two young lives are gone & many many people are hurting and suffering. A little compassion would be nice just as you would appreciate had it been your child or someone you knew. God bless all.


      God Bless all the family & friends mourning. Such a terrible tragedy & losses. Praying for everyone involved during this most difficult time.

  • heartbroken

    i had to comfort my daughter this morning,when she got the news of her friends.beachlake residents hearts are broken.to the parents of the young men i am deeply sorry. its time for us to stand up together against all the crimes due to guns children shouldnt even have.


      I’m so sorry HEARTBROKEN. Children shouldn’t be mourning the death of their friends. Breaks my heart as well. May God hold your daughter tightly as she grieves. Praying for everyone involved. God bless you all.

  • greg

    It kills me when I hear people say “my heart goes out to their family”. I say, what the he#$ were these kids doing walking the streets at 1:30 in the morning in the first place? Am I the only person that thinks nothing good happens on the streets after dark? So were these fine young gentlemen looking for a part-time job? Yeah right! And as far as their families go, we’re supposed to feel bad for the parents that don’t even know where there kids are at 1:30 in the morning. If they took a more active role in actually raising their children (i think that’s called parenting), maybe we wouldn’t even be having this conversation

  • J

    What the heck is Ms. Linde talking about…. Our school is crowded, there’s hardly an empty desk… Violence in the street may be prevalent, but not really at our school. What the heck, she just gave a bad vision about our school.

    • The 757Girl

      Empty desks as in students who have died. Not empty desks as in the classes are small. Use critical thinking for that one. Since 2005 there have been at least ten deaths during or after the school year. Most of those were due to gun violence. She’s talking about how the teachers have to rely on each other, but over time they can’t handle losing students over and over. I don’t blame her for leaving. Good luck wherever you go, Ms. Linde.

  • Herman

    Teenagers, 1:00 in the morning would be scary for me , even if my children were sitting on my porch with me. There are many circumstances that carry teens out late evenings, such as, work, family emergencies, maybe why their were two walking together as a way of not being alone. We cannot rush to judgment. The critical point is how do we stop these senseless acts of violence? Kids need two parents and the family/neighborhood some spiritual practice in their lives (church) positive places for young people to interact with adult supervision. Say what you want ” I am mother & father” what a joke. When a single parent get tired the children will play, work too long the children will play. eliminate the tone of a mother voice or the God-given the tone of a father to guide their children the children will play. Take responsibility, stop having kids by the men that you.say are not a real man. Ask this simple question. Who would want to have a kid, by a bum man or woman that bears no responsibility to work, protect, low morals, drug addition. The point of this subject is, a fatherless world leads to a greater influence on the kids that have fathers, etc. places to hang, most mothers are by nature more lenient, trusting of disasters men do not even entertain.

  • Mizzzstephens

    You people are real ignorant. Like you werent 17 years old at one time! Johns mother is a wonderful person and great mother! Show some respect! Trying to blame the parent? Do you have any idea what the family is going threw? You cant keep eyes on your 17 year old kid 24 hours a day. You should be ashamed of yourself!

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