Redskins rookie cornerback cited for possession of marijuana

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The Redskins nearly made it out of town without anyone getting into trouble, but rookie cornerback Brashaud Breeland ruined that record.

He was cited by VCU police for possession of marijuana on Monday night, the last night the team was here in town.

A Redskins spokesman said the team is aware of the incident but isn’t making any further comment right now.

Under NFL rules, Breeland can be disciplined by the NFL for this, but since this is a first offense that punishment doesn’t figure to be too severe.

Breeland has a hearing scheduled for August 26th on the charge here in Richmond.


  • UnDeLay

    I am so sick of hearing about some black athlete being arrested for having some marijuana. They didn’t arrest Michael Phelps for smoking marijuana or did they take away his medals. Situations like this need to be put out there so the world can see how this so call justice system for certain people really works. We as people need to step back and look at the situation and try to do something to make it equal for all Americans.

    • Go Tides!

      If the black athlete did not get caught with marijuana, then you wouldn’t have to cite a white athlete as an excuse for the black athlete’s crime!

  • The People

    Regardless of color. ..the black athlete got caught by police…an NFL rookie at that. What a way to start your career and lead other black youth to follow ! Stupid person white, black yellow or green !!

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