Redskins support group releases new ad defending team name

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A Washington Redskins online support group called “Redskins Facts” has released a new ad defending the team’s name.

The two-minute ad is called “Redskins is a Powerful Name” and features members of different Native American tribes commenting on how they feel about the name.

“Redskins is a powerful name. It’s a warrior name,” says Redskins fan and member of the Navajo Nation, Mark Beasley.

According to the Washington Post, many of the people featured in the ad are from the Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation in Montana, a federally recognized reservation of the Chippewa Cree Tribe that has received support from the Redskins’ Original Americans Foundation.

The team lost the trademarks to the name in June after the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office canceled them.


  • Shelia Hartbarger

    The name is derogatory to my Native American race. It is a use of “red” color metaphor for my race and to me-very offensive. If they want to honor the Native Americans,by naming a team,find a more fitting and honorable name for us!

  • Lita Froelicher

    Its a very sad day when our government has nothing better to do than worry about a name of a football team that has had that name for eighty years. My question is are they going to ask most of the football teams to change their names after all we have the panthers, the browns and so on

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