Three horses killed by pickup truck in Virginia Beach

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Virginia Beach, Va. - Three horses pushed their way to their deaths in the middle of the night. They were hit and killed by a pickup truck after breaking free from their farm.

Animal control officials tell NewsChannel 3 the horses pushed down the gate of their fence at the Breeze N Farm. Then they wandered a few miles down West Gibbs Road, near the North Carolina border.

Two of the horses died instantly, and the third had to be put down.

Sometime before 2am, police got a call about the horses in the middle of the road after the truck hit them.

Animal control officers say they don't know much about what happened, since the owners of the horses immediately came to the crash scene and took them.

NewsChannel 3 tried asking the owner of the farm about what happened. He told us off-camera, he didn't want to talk about it because he is too upset and he wants to put the whole thing behind him.

The driver of the pickup truck wasn't injured in the crash and won't be charged for hitting the horses.


  • TotallyPeeved

    They want to put it behind them because they are liable for the damages caused by their loose horses. Why would the driver be charged with hitting loose horses on the road in the middle of the night? Is that the law in VA? How about some real reporting and research about the law, Gabby?

    • Mary

      Horse laws, peeved. Do your own research before you spout off. You don’t know the circumstances. Newscasts aren’t always in depth.

  • horselaws

    Horses have the right of way that is the law! Must have been going pretty fast not to see three 1000# + animals in the road. Accidents happen for everyone.

  • tedrjr03

    Horses, animals, or even humans for that matter do not have the right away in this situation. The person driving down the street does. Also, whenever you hit an animal it’s considered comprehensive which is automatically not at fault. In addition, the horse owners are certainly liable for not securing their horses and will likely be pursued by the drivers insurance company for reimbursement.


    This is awful news. A little over a year ago my son & I were riding past this farm and were stopped because two of their horses were in the middle of the road. There was another car coming from the other direction and we both pulled horizontally across the road to block them in. The owners of the farm came running out and took the horses back inside their fence. This is such sad news but I can’t help but think maybe it could have been avoided.

  • don't be nieve

    Horses standing on a open stretch of rural road? All 3 dead? Obviously there’s more to how she hit them….. Wasn’t like they ran out, had that been the case, highly doubt there would be 3 dead. Someone (driver) got away with something.

  • Linda

    Would like to know more about this accident. Speed, alcohol, phone use? Believe there should be more to the story.

  • since when?

    Since when does Animal Control just accept not knowing the circumstances? Been known to make much bigger deals out of much smaller incidences

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