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Church cancels funeral after learning dead man was gay

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Tampa, Fl. (CNN) – Loved ones of a man were forced to scramble to make new arrangements after a church in Florida canceled a funeral with just one day’s notice once the pastor and congregation learned the deceased man was gay.

Julion Evans, 42, died in July of Amyloidosis, a condition in which abnormal protein production can lead to organ failure.

Evans’ family attends New Hope Missionary Baptist Church in Tampa and wanted the funeral there.

“I felt it probably would have been best for him to be at the church, his family grew up in the church, it just made sense,” said Kendall Capers, Evans’ husband.

The church agreed to the funeral, but the invitation was abruptly revoked during the wake after the newspaper obituary named Capers as the surviving “husband.”

Julion’s mother said she was told by the church that it would be blasphemous for her son’s funeral to be held at the church.

T.W. Jenkins, the church pastor says the church doesn’t support gay marriage.

“I try not to condemn anyone’s lifestyle, but at the same time, I am a man of God and have to stand upon my principles,” he said.

Pastor Jenkins said he regrets the decision was made the night before the funeral. He said he typically reviews obituaries before they publish it, but was on vacation when this one went into the newspaper.




    • Mason

      Umm no. How are you going to have a civil suit because someone has different beliefs than you? Its not his fault he didn’t see it and that’s something his family should’ve mentioned before hand

    • Go Tides!

      Good! The church is not supposed to cater to faggots. The family should have known better than to waste the church’s time, space, and funds.

  • R

    Horrible hateful ignorant and hurtful to stand and say in the name of God you are not worthy of our church. In some ways, churches and organized religion are the modern day hate groups. Freedom of religion is a constitutional right, but that does not give ANYONE THE RIGHT TO HATE!

  • Fran

    A missed opportunity to share love! So sad! It is troubling that the minister thinks he has to agree with everything the deceased has done in order to agree to bury that person. What another does with his or her time and life is not always an open book nor should it be.

  • Vladimir Moschet

    If the pastor honestly thinks he speaks for God with his words and actions of hate and intolerance, he is one sick man. I’m proud of the younger generation leaving religion in droves specifically because of messages of hate like this. Disgusting and sinful preacher!

  • Pastor Dave Bermea

    Ridiculous, wow… Personally, I would’ve done it. Just because you don’t agree with the lifestyle, doesn’t mean that we shun them. Jesus died for homosexuals too, rapists, murderers, etc. This is one of the reasons, the church today has a bad rap. Too judgmental.. Gays need Jesus, like everyone else does. If you don’t let them in your church, how are they going to see grace and mercy in action. We have to be Christlike, no, we don’t condone the behavior and we don’t condemn the person. We want the gays to come to church, let them find Jesus and the Holy Spirit will change their lifestyle. I know a lot of people don’t feel the way I do and that’s OK. Hate the sin, love the sinner. This church is well on it’s way reaching the lost, (insert sarcasm) more like, if you don’t meet our standards, don’t come in. You can’t clean a fish before you catch it, same as people. You can’t expect them to walk out of bondage, without Jesus. But sadly, a lot of churches are like this. If you are living in sin, don’t come in. I will say this about our church, if you are living in sin, we want you there, because that is where you find deliverance and freedom.

  • John

    I understand about not approving Gays being married but going to strict about not doing a service is kind of uncalled for. if that is the case mind as well not have a funeral service for the Drunks, Whores and people who Idol things.

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