Woman set husband on fire after he allegedly molested her 7-year-old daughter, police say

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RENTON, Wash. – A Washington woman is accused of pouring gasoline on her husband and setting him on fire after he allegedly molested her 7-year-old daughter, police told KOMO.

Tatanysha Hedman, 40, allegedly poured gasoline on Vincent Phillips, 52, as he slept on July 17. Hedman then allegedly set Phillips on fire.

Phillips ran out of their apartment and stumbled into a convenience store screaming, “I’m on fire!”

Hedman told investigators she set her husband on fire because he hurt her daughter, who is Phillips’ stepdaughter. She also told officers shooting him “was too nice,” according to KOMO.

Phillips, who is in intensive care, has been charged with first-degree child molestation, the report says.

Hedman was jailed on assault and arson charges.

Read the entire report from KOMO News, HERE.


  • iqdou

    LOL. Actually while that pervert POS was running and screaming he was on fire she should have shot him in his knees so he could fall to the ground and burn the h3ll up.

  • Dawn Hart

    If he truly did molest her daughter, which from what it sounds like from the police charges against him, then good for her. I think if more people take a stand instead of letting these animals hurt their children, there would be a hell of a lot less of it going on! We hear everyday about children being hurt and the parents did nothing but call the police…which I’d do too. After that pos suffered.

    • iqdou

      ….because freaking criminals have more rights and receive more protection than those of us who do the right thing every day of our lives.

  • DieselEMD

    The only crime the mom is quilty of is not making the creep suffer longer. If she had broke his legs before setting him on fire, then he would not be able to run away.

  • Ralph Phillips

    Wow. You people are sick. Glee, drool, and blood lust at the thought of torturing a person. Being burnt alive is a horrific torture. We have morally panicked alleged child molestation to the point that we actively desire to have people burned alive over it. A person does not even have to be proven guilty to be a target for getting fried. I cannot wait until some of you are accused and get burned alive for it.

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